The Judeo-Christian Ethic: A Magnificent Force for Good

The term “Judeo-Christian Ethic” certainly hasn’t been around forever, but its principles are as old as the Bible. While these set of moral principles have been the guiding light of our national heritage for two and a half centuries, they have been callously tossed aside and ignored in recent decades. Educators of our youth have substituted the art of rebellion, the myths of Socialism, sexual perversion, and moral relativity, in place of the Ten Commandments, common courtesy, and the love of God and country.

The history and teachings that define this life ethic are meaningfully revealed and defended, contrasting this set of high values with the ugly alternatives offered by an ungodly brotherhood of political demons. The morality that has shaped America is now being threatened to the point of extinction, as a younger generation has been blundered with hypocrisy and the empty hopes of a government-subsidized utopia. This is a trumpet call: return to our roots and prosper, or face deadly consequences.

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