The Most Destructive Force in America

Among all the forces working to literally destroy America, the most powerful force working against our great nation leads to disunity among those who appeal to a sovereign God in whom we trust. The outcome of any war is not so much based on the enemies’ strength, but on the combined resolve of those fighting for a worthy cause. Victory for America now depends on building again a unified and powerful force that resolves to make no deal with the enemy, and to proactively strengthen the brotherhood of all God-fearing people. To achieve this goal, we must recognize and oppose the single most destructive force in America and abroad.

Nobody would argue that Americans have faced an onslaught of attacks against our long-held fundamental beliefs that have guaranteed the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We are now at the crossroads of choosing our fate: freedom or slavery. We must now pick a side and choose our loyalty to either a constitutional republic or a socialist/communist rule. A middle ground does not exist. If you’re on the fence, you have already chosen the side of freedom’s enemy. This is no time for inaction! We must now muster the courage to oppose the single most nihilistic influence in the land of the free. Find out how on Unity Without Compromise with Dr. Steven LaTulippe.

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