We Are Being Fed Disinformation Through the Weaponization of Current Events

Many people claim to have knowledge that is at the very least misguided. When people claim to be wise based on false knowledge, they unknowingly become fools. In this show, Dr. Steve LaTulippe challenges listeners to consider some things they strongly believe in, to question those strong beliefs, and then to challenge their own beliefs. Since acting and speaking on false beliefs can lead to severe and dangerous consequences. Because challenging our own long-held beliefs can be personally intimidating and threatening, Steve leads us through a process of evaluating two theories in hopes of revealing why self-introspection can lead us to greater truths, and sometimes even change our thinking.

If we can allow ourselves to open our minds to all possibilities, and then discipline ourselves to thoroughly and accurately evaluate the evidence, then we are much less likely to become victims of our own blind foolishness. This is exactly what is now happening in America, as we are being fed disinformation through the weaponization of current events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, Critical Race Theory, and Systemic Racism. We must learn to discern truth, and this process begins with a dose of proper perspective. 

Episode timeline
00:10Introduction 00:25Exploring the topic 00:57A word from our guest host 01:14Closing remarks