We Must Break the Color Code

The deceptions of racism and the new Critical Race Theory propaganda are sure to keep America divided if the Liberal false agenda is not exposed as a culture war tactic. It must be totally defeated. We celebrate Martin Luther King Day because Dr. King put forth an agenda of peace and equality for all, excluding no one, and elevating no fellow human being above another. The present “color” battlefield is nothing more than a socialist tool being used to destroy America by escalating fear, hatred, and confusion in order to complete their assault on your freedom.

How do you effectively engage in this war? Simply know the truth—about skin color, about ethnicity, and about how you personally can destroy the narrative that race is still a major issue in America. The only real issue is the resurgence of focus on skin color as a distraction from the violence and lawlessness that now defies our once-civilized society. Tune in to see how you can personally resist this cowardly movement.

Episode timeline
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