A Second Amendment Scenario

Since the signing of the Declaration of Independence, America has endured many hardships, fought many wars, wrestled with thousands of issues, and engaged in some bitter political rivalries. Through it all, we have never seriously considered a need to implement the Second Amendment to our Constitution. But has that time finally come? How bad must things get in America before patriots would actually consider the urgent implementation of taking arms against a rogue government? If initiated, would you be there?

The elements of a Second Amendment scenario have never been formally defined, but what is certain in the minds of our nation’s founding fathers is that it might one day become necessary to preserve the liberty of the American republic. The tyrannical marginalizing of our Constitution in the name of a pandemic response is no small matter. We now see America charging ahead on a course that would make Hitler leap for joy. Complacency and blind obedience appear to be the real pandemic. The fate of our nation rests in our willingness to fight for freedom. It is a topic that can no longer be ignored.

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