The Critical Law that Crushes Critical Race Theory

The first Black President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, was a product of the work and vision of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Was Obama grateful? Not at all. Instead, he rekindled racism in America and did all he could to destroy the unity that has made America a nation of justice for all. We now are confronted with the Marxist doctrine of Critical Race Theory—a force so evil that it can potentially enslave the minds of all freedom-loving people. It’s important that we understand what we are facing, as this will certainly inspire us all to ensure the demise of Critical Race Theory.

The Critical Law that crushes the Critical Race Theory must be brought to the forefront of our minds, replacing all destructive dogma that seeks to suppress and divide us. The politics of racism is rooted in a modern Democrat charade, but race itself is something we are born with. Race is a biological expression of the creativity of God’s creation, and it should never be a focus of shame, guilt, or conquest. Let’s discuss that Critical Law on Unity Without Compromise

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