The Common Sense of a Common Sense Form of Government

When Thomas Paine penned his concise work, Common Sense, in 1775, he appealed to sound reason and logic that was likely to be easily understood by most people of his time. Needless to say, times have changed. Anyone with a modicum of common sense has the sense to know that in modern America, common sense is anything but common.

How do we break the cognitive barrier of common ignorance that results from years of Socialist indoctrination as we try to reach these victims? Well, it’s common sense. Teach a person to think for themselves, and you’re on the right path. But that’s only the beginning. Join me on Unity Without Compromise for a look at what makes common sense not so common…

Episode timeline
00:10Introduction 00:25Exploring the topic 00:57A word from our guest host 01:14Closing remarks