The Untold Story of Central Pain

There is a certain type of pain that eludes even the most astute physician, called central pain. Across America, millions suffer from it. Millions have lost function and quality of life because central pain is so poorly understood, and therefore incorrectly treated. Once diagnosed and properly treated, however, central pain can actually be cured. But it takes more than just medication, requiring a whole-person approach, combining the mind, body, spirit, and soul in a therapeutic milieu that re-programs the brain to function without pain.

Unfortunately, pain therapy has become a dirty word in the world of organized medicine. Thanks to the destructive forces of medical cancel culture, no physician wants to place a huge target on his back by treating pain, even if it does not require opioid therapy. This means that very few physicians will now treat chronic pain, and even fewer will take the time to truly understand the mechanisms of central pain and the proper method of treating it. But this doesn’t have to be. The central pain patient can do much to pursue their own recovery. When it comes to central pain, you need only to train the brain.

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