Christian Misunderstandings about Freedom Fighting

While many Christians are advocates of peace, prosperity, and goodness, all too often a biblical perspective on “fighting the good fight” is misunderstood. The pacifist-minded, turn-the-other-cheek Christians, meekly submit to a corrupt government in the face of tyranny because of false beliefs that the Bible does not support confrontation. This is not biblical teaching. Christians are called to expose evil, to live by the principles they claim to support, and to be about the Lord’s work—which includes law and order.

The Lord’s work also includes evangelism, raising godly children, worshiping regularly together, and yes—through the proper channels—defending God-given human rights of life and liberty. Doing the Lord’s will is the only path to true and lasting happiness. But we must do things God’s way, not give in to misguided traditions that have crept into the diluted church of modern America. We must know with certainty that freedom fighting is a principle taught by God throughout the Bible. We must never substitute cowardice for false piety.

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