My David and Goliath Moment Against the Oregon Medical Board

The bad news just got worse. The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) recently issued a joint statement declaring that “misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine” is unethical and unprofessional conduct, “and therefore may subject a physician to disciplinary actions, including suspension or revocation of their medical license.” Their warped insinuation was clarified when they boldly asserted, “The evidence that we have safe, effective and widely available vaccines against COVID-19 is overwhelming.” Stop right there! Did they say evidence? This bold lie attests to the degree of corruption that now exists in all medical boards that have been pirated by Big Pharma, billionaire elites, and Communist-loving politicians. But would they actually take such drastic measures against doctors who dare to speak the truth? Yes. The Oregon Medical Board (OMB) already did!

After speaking at a rally in Salem, Oregon, on November 7, 2020, the OMB medical director bullied me with a threatening letter (dated November 9, 2020) stating I had better “immediately comply with the legal mandate” of Governor Kate Brown’s Executive Orders or face “administrative sanctions.” This threat was followed up by a bogus, shoddy Board investigator who paid me a surprise visit on a busy clinic day and fallaciously reported to the Board such lies as I had no COVID protocol in my clinic. Because I didn’t mask in the clinic, a fact they already had known for five months before serving me with an “emergency suspension” of my medical license, they alleged I was an “immediate danger” to the public and to my patients.

The Board’s final order stated they would restore my license once Gov. Brown rescinded her emergency orders. I wasted no time in filing a federal lawsuit for First Amendment (free speech) and Fourteenth Amendment (due process) violations. Since then, life has been hell. Determined to have my lawsuit dismissed, the Board maliciously attacked me with new “investigations” regarding my pain and addiction practice, and anything else they could hope to find. Grossly distorting the facts, they then used this as ammunition to crucify me.

Facts and evidence may play a role in a court of law, but not in a medical board’s Administrative hearing: a complete kangaroo court from top to bottom. Let’s look at a few of those facts.

First, Marxist Kate Brown has no legal jurisdiction to enact any laws. She has only a 28-day emergency clause to direct funding to respond to a state catastrophe. Her executive orders were illegal mandates. Second, Gov. Brown has no medical degree, no license to practice medicine, no science background whatsoever. She, therefore, has no authority to tell me how to practice medicine. In the mock court, the OMB had no interest in real science.

They cited not a single randomized control trial study—the gold standard in medicine—all of which concluded masks were not effective barriers to viral spread. They simply ignored the best science, citing weak, biased studies that fit their narrative.

The fact is that I did have an effective cold/flu season protocol that worked very well. None of my staff or patients were infected from my clinic, though my clinic remained open throughout the pandemic—while other doctors were hiding behind their desks at home. Sick patients were treated after all my other patients were gone. (They all recovered quickly.) There existed no evidence of any harm whatsoever!

Having failed twice at dismissing my lawsuit, the OMB got dirty. They opened several fraudulent investigations against me, one involving a chronic pain patient I discharged for actually not complying with follow-up and abusing my staff; the other being a “complaint” about my care of seven pain patients, except a complaint was never filed. The Board maliciously scanned the prescription drug monitoring program site to find seven patients who they thought might best be used as a weapon to prosecute me. From start to finish, the Board lied, fabricated stories, promoted hearsay as fact, and used completely unscientific evidence to destroy me. In legal terms, I’m told, this is called “malicious prosecution” and “abuse of process.”

Their dishonorable conduct has led to threats against me and my property. But medical boards apparently have immunity from the lies they spread. They have no accountability whatsoever, and they serve as judge, juror, prosecutor, and executioner of their sordid brand of injustice. Fortunately, many pain patients have previously asserted their eagerness to testify in court on my behalf—including those who unknowingly are cited in the fraudulent investigations.

Still seeking to have my federal lawsuit tossed, the OMB has now served me with a new proposed final order to revoke my license and fine me $10,000–this after already criminally destroying my life and good reputation. Unfortunately, I was out of state for seven weeks, visiting family and participating in the American Frontline Doctors White Coat Summit. The Board gave me three weeks to respond, but they notified me by mail only, and my mail was on hold during my trip. They had my email and personal phone number, but when the certified mail was returned to them, they made no effort to contact me. They simply declared me to be in default because I did not respond. I could not respond! That’s the way they like it.

This lawlessness is exactly why physicians are told not to contest medical boards. The word is, “You can’t beat them.” They are too powerful, too corrupt.” I beg to differ with that conclusion.

My real crime is that I refused to follow the political narrative espoused by depraved politicians and their puppet government organizations. My real crime is that I successfully treated sick Covid patients—who all fully and quickly recovered; and I was living proof that the mask saga was false, that the real science as declared in those high-quality studies held up in real life. My real crime is that I exposed a dark agenda on November 7, 2020, and for this, they had to take me down. They had to make an example of me. After all, I was practicing evidence-based medicine. And now they accuse me with more lies regarding my effective treatment of pain patients. The Oregon Medical Board is the quintessential prototype of corruption in the mutiny of medicine.

This may indeed be a David and Goliath story. The odds are against me because of the political sewer in which I reside in Oregon, and the unchecked power of a ruthless medical board. But do recall that David slew the giant. In the end, my reputation means nothing. My livelihood loss is insignificant in the big scheme of life. What counts most is integrity. “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?” (Mark 8:36).

I challenge every doctor and nurse, and all medical staff, to stand for truth, to defy the crookedness of rogue medical boards and hospital CEOs whose testimony is rottenness to their souls. Before God, we stand⏤and stand we shall when the curtain is pulled back and all is exposed.

Meanwhile, I will continue to fight the war against truth. They will never silence me. I will honor God, and simply do what I can, hoping that liberty and justice for all will once again become our nation’s chief goal.