New Rules of Engagement for a New Kind of War

The current trajectory of America’s path under the stolen leadership of the Communist Biden regime pretty much guarantees that the world’s beacon of light, the United States of America, is now headed for a sequel to the first American Revolution. But this time, it won’t be muskets we’re firing. The next revolution will be played out very differently, and we can only speculate on what strategies will lead us to victory. Whatever options we choose will require a well-organized strategic plan that solidifies all patriots into a solid fighting force.

In the end, the freedom fighters will unite in such a way to bring forth peace once again to the great land between the shining seas. The elements of this second revolution must focus on an effective response to the current ways our freedom is being attacked. We must identify and then attack those targets. We do have the technology, the means, and the will to do what must be done. This is perhaps the Achilles heel of our deadly Communist enemies.

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