Pandemic Pandemonium Is Destroying American Families

Somewhere amidst all the chaos in the world of the new Communist “normal,” where medicine has been pirated, truth censorship is rampant, and a corrupt government bulldogs its way into preparing the world for a globalist takeover, lies the family. The struggling families that must endure every heartbreak of an oppressive government are weary and divided.

To jab or not to jab: that is the question that has torn apart many families, immediate and extended. We must realize that, in the end, the family is the cohesive unit that binds together a country. This is precisely why God disdains all the sexual perversion sold in indoctrination camps called public schools. Whichever side you’re on, grief and anger are felt among individual family members, and between family members. Sometimes the grief is shared, such as when soldiers are abandoned and senselessly killed by a fake, incompetent President. In other times, grief is isolated. Very isolated. Suicides are way up and increasing. Many families are tragically affected by the self-demise of their hopeless loved ones.

And how many family businesses have been destroyed by mandatory shutdowns and illegal mandates? How could we even allow this to happen to so many Americans? Will those businesses that fed and clothed family members ever be restored? Not likely. Building a business takes years of hard work, and money to start up. Those who were once good, stable providers have been wiped out! Recovery is not possible. Their very livelihood is gone. And the whole family suffers. Parents suffer indignation, financial stress, broken dreams. Children have been isolated from friends, sports dreams demolished, educational opportunities have vanished. They have been indoctrinated into a life of fear, loneliness, and broken dreams, all this on top of exposure to Communist ideals, sexual perversion, and every satanic worldly vice imaginable.

The heart of America has been nigh to broken by the onslaught of a government that serves the CCP, by billionaire elites, and even by medical professionals who not so long ago upheld their oath to first do no harm and to remain loyal to their patients. That loyalty is now gone, except for the elect few who have not sold out to big-business jihadists. (The family of medicine is also divided.)

The traditional family has been further broken down, just as in the Great Depression, by a large vacuum whereby adults who can no longer cope seek to fill the void with alcohol, destructive drugs, divorce, abandonment, spousal and child abuse, and many other family-destroying vices.

All the while, your government says, “Trust me.” But desperate families look to a false savior for redemption. Marxism, Socialism, and Communism are all historically proven counterfeits. They cannot—will not—save you. And your bitterness will only grow deeper. The dark shadows of loneliness and gloom blacken more each day. Emotional pain gives way to numbness, leading gradually to a complete disengagement of the brain. And then you are theirs! Their complete victims. Their commodities. Their source of wealth and pleasure. And the family is completely rent asunder. No more family picnics, social outings, childhood sleepovers. Schedules are empty. Boredom’s reaper has secured his harvest.

Unless… you at once decide to refuse the victim status by which the government controls you. One thing yet you have—and you must never forget it—is a free will. Even in solitary confinement, you are free to think thoughts. But you are not yet in an isolated cage. You still do not bear cold steel shackles on your wrists and ankles. You are still able-bodied, free to exercise, free to act. An evil government will impose whatever constraints on you that you allow it. But you can always resist, fight back, alter your course. And this is precisely what we must do. Many are now doing it. How I gloat with pride as so many women have come to the rescue of their children in school board meetings. Some fathers have stood their ground in protecting their families, despite many losses. Even many of our youth have not bought into the chicanery that warps the fragile minds of children. We do have a choice to think and act. But what shall we do? Where shall we go? How shall we prosper again? By what means can our families survive the new holocaust of the Coronamania Pandemic?

It starts with an idea. Then an idea is formulated. Unless we conceive of an idea, how can it ever become a reality? But once an idea is proposed and developed, if joined by free will and strong determination, there is always a way to make it happen. Every one of us has suffered the abuses of our government gone bad. Isn’t it time we start to think our way out of this? Bring back your family members, and share ideas. Think up a plan to change the course of your family. Consider the cost, but don’t shy away from suffering. Freedom can be costly, but have we any other way?

Freedom is a gift from God that tests us with challenges to guarantee liberty is always the pearl of great price. Let us have no intention of becoming a bird in a cage. We mustn’t hide as a lizard under a rock. No, we should get in the boat and rock the hell out of it! And recruit a fleet of rocking boats.

You are not alone! You suffer not in vain, if only you choose to reject your victim status. We have two camps among the masses: those who are fearful, and those who are angry. There is such a thing as righteous anger—and we should reach out for it and grasp it with a death grip. The traditional American family must be saved; it must prevail. This family is the very design of God Himself. No greater priority have we than to take care of our own family, and then to care for our neighbor’s family as well. Has not Scripture spoken? “But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever” (1 Timothy 5:8). We must realize as Americans that our inspiration has always come from the Bible. Do you want truth? Know God first! Read the Bible daily.

The day may soon be upon us when righteous freedom fighters are tasked to take back our government gone astray. If and when it happens, I’ll be there. In the meantime, we do have a responsibility to strengthen family ties. It is our patriotic duty!

The world may be upside down and inside out, but we must first set order in our own homes. A plan of attack against this ruthless globalist enemy should be devised with wisdom, and inspired by a desire to do what is good for our family. The healthy family is a good seed for a healthy nation. A healthy nation is a virtuous nation. Live honorably. Pray together as a family. Laugh together. And above all, resolve to never allow the evil empire to destroy your clan!