The Globalists and their Chicken Little Strategy

Never before in human history have so many people fearfully believed the zany words of Chicken Little: the sky is falling! The whole world seems to be running for cover to avoid being caught in the barrage of threats that now plague the world. Everyone appears to be ducking, covering their faces, taking shelter, and submissively doing whatever they are told⏤to avoid being hit by pieces of the sky, by the air, by the invisible little viruses that are suddenly out to get all who do not comply. I wish it were a joke! I wish it were just a silly children’s story. But this has become reality. And I am angry!

I’ve had my fill of this insanity, and hopefully, some of you have also. Yes, the insanity of John Q Do-As-I’m-Told Public, who so willingly and eagerly comply with stupid, unscientific, unconstitutional, illegal mandates, is on display for all the world to see. Observe the fear-petrified zealot who gives you that evil look in the store after you innocently cough. Notice the threatening, hateful stares when you—a calm and happy passerby—casually promenade unmasked in proximity to the masked sheep. Experience the store clerk, physician, government agency who refuses you service because you decline protection from the falling sky. Are you not yet vaccinated? Where is your mask! Don’t come too close to me; you’re contagious! Don’t you know the sky is falling?

I must confess that any Martians out there who witness “we the people” must think we are stone-cold crazy. We truly have become more than stupid in our response to all the illegal mandates, forced restrictions, and the new Communist propaganda that ever torments us.

Let me speak my mind. Never before have I been so disgusted by such cowardly people who refuse to seek the truth. Truth is all we have! I am utterly appalled by those who even claim to be patriots, but who willingly submit to the whims of the new American Reich.

We have bowed a knee to the new Hitler. But who is he? Obama? Fauci? Gates? Soros? It doesn’t seem to matter. They tell us what to do, and our “new normal” is a duty to oblige them, to mindlessly go where they tell us to go, do what they order us to do.

Granted, some of us are doing a little better than wholehearted submission to this rogue government faction. A few feel we are doing our civic duty: we protest. We whine and complain. We make a little noise. We call for resignations and impeachments, and we chant the words, “That’s Not Fair!” But let’s choose our words wisely, as we don’t want to get kicked off Twitter or Facebook. After all, this is where the battle rages, on the radio waves of the air. It almost makes me wish the sky was falling. So much talk! As if our enemies care an iota about what we say. They don’t. In fact, I’m sure they are very pleased that we are so pleasantly distracted in our own make-believe world of social media that they can proceed wholly unhindered with their lethal agenda.

But I get it. We protest verbally because we don’t know what else to do. Or maybe we do know what truly needs to be done. Have we just missed the gravity of our situation? Have we forgotten that the eugenics-loving Bill Gates actually proposed a plan to depopulate the world through a forced vaccination years ago? Anyone can look up this fact of recent history. Indeed, pick your thug or rogue organization. They have a plan to destroy America, and unlike even our best patriots, the sinister Left seems to work together in perfect harmony as they proceed with their dark agenda. The CDC already has FEMA camps ready for us. The FBI attacked our last elected President Trump while staging the January 6th fake insurrection.

The WHO continues to deceive the globe with fake threats and pseudoscience. Despite all the evidence of guilt in his funding of and participation in Chinese biowarfare, Anthony Fauci still walks freely, unfettered as he now experiments on the Ebola virus in monkeys. If you think the coronavirus “vaccine” is not damaging enough, just wait for the Ebola gene injections.

Bill Gates may yet have his genocide dream come true! He is now in a position to actually wipe out a large percentage of the world population. And he thinks he is doing us a favor. Do we believe likewise? Our inaction suggests we do.

With all this evidence before us, few questions remain unanswered. But I do have one question that demands an answer. Why are we not attacking the enemy who is hell-bent on effecting our demise?

We know where they live. We certainly know the dark agenda that they have advertised for years. We do have the means and the manpower to overthrow this knave, despicable government. Our nation’s founding fathers warned us that this would likely happen, and they gave us their blessing and empowered us to defeat such an insidious enemy. Do we mistakenly think that we still have time to wait? Do we hope they will repent? If so, we are history’s fools. And, I must admit, that just makes me plain angry.

As a physician and former microbiologist, I know the real science. But science doesn’t matter anymore. If it doesn’t serve the Communist narrative, then it is simply ignored. And if it is ignored, then we mustn’t expect any reasonable or effective medical treatments in the future. Instead, we’ll hear words like, “There is no treatment for Covid.” “I’m sorry, you’ll just have to die.” But they aren’t sorry. This is their very agenda! As we continue to ignore the insurrection in progress, or just whine about it, the dark globalists will continue to kill us off. They will blame it on the unvaccinated, the non-compliant few. And that will keep us fighting—another distraction that serves well the enemy’s purpose.

Mass hysteria truly has led many millions of people to believe the sky is falling. Undoubtedly, the enemy’s propaganda campaign has been one of great success. The population living in fear and deception makes me wonder, will we ever wake up and do something against the coup? Will we ever actually defend the Constitution? Is that even within the fabric of our seeming frail, spineless nature? 

Frankly, I have my doubts. After all, we’ve allowed things to get pretty bad already. The sky is not falling, but the American empire is now in complete free fall because of our inaction. But I’m also an optimist. Let’s wake up and put our heads together. Let us join forces. In light of the present Communist coup, a Second Revolutionary War only makes good sense. Unity Without Compromise—this is what is needed to overthrow a rogue government. Let’s do it! And may God bless America once again!