The Rising Tide of a World Revolutionary War

Following a violent storm sometimes comes a most beautiful rainbow. The rainbow is a symbol of God’s covenant to man, declaring that he will never again destroy nearly all of humanity by a cataclysmic flood. It reassures us that, despite the natural tendency of man towards depravity, God promised He would never again (save Noah’s family) wipe us off planet Earth.

What God did not promise is that man would not cause great harm to his own kind. Indeed, we have seen the rise and fall of many nations, each warring against one another and exploiting the other’s weaknesses, strengths, and resources. Throughout history, we have seen stories of betrayal and deceit, aggression and hate of one kingdom against another, and even families against their own members. Many people interpret the present woes to be “the end times,” not fully understanding the words spoken by God in the Bible regarding the great tribulation, the rise of a final antichrist (yes, already many antichrists have come), and the Second Coming of the Son of Man.

Without delving into a deep and highly controversial theological discussion, let me suggest that more is yet to unfold before the final Day of Judgment when Christ returns to earth. Some events are clearly spelled out as prerequisites to Christ’s return. Other events are related in less-than-clear symbolic language. Whatever position you hold on the “last days,” and even if you don’t accept the authority of Scripture, you will benefit much from observing and interpreting the visible signs of things unfolding in our lives here and across the globe.

We certainly have seen a drastic proliferation of scientific knowledge, and with it, both good and evil have resulted from its application. The same genetic research that was done in the Wuhan lab to produce a bioweapon could, with minor modifications, potentially produce treatments to cure cancer.

Of course, such treatments might be thwarted by Big Pharma and globalists with genocidal tendencies. Likewise, some true vaccines have prevented much suffering and disease spread. But the current experimental injection being forced upon the world is a recipe for disaster, as the mounting evidence shows. The jab already has killed many thousands and has maimed millions across the globe. Yet, the profiteers still push it, knowing its potential for population control, something Bill Gates actually revealed a few years ago. For elites, it’s also a source of great personal wealth.

Resistance to the forced jab continues to grow, as does the oppression to mandate the shot. In countries where private citizens have been disarmed, we are witnessing the spread of tyranny like a raging wildfire. In America also, the heat in the kettle is rising, but people are now feeling the pressure and choosing to resist. Many are about to lose their jobs, and they are accepting it. These wise and courageous ones recognize that giving just an inch to the enemy further empowers them and further erodes our freedom. We may not yet face the threat at gunpoint to take the “vaccine,” but securing food, accessing bank funds, traveling, and access to other daily needs is slowly becoming more challenging. The warped Communist Biden government is proceeding with caution, hoping to wear us down by every means possible, short of threats of violence. But you can be sure that violence will be employed if they can somehow disarm us.

This fact leads me to explore the minds of our nation’s founding fathers. The greatest insurance against mass tyranny is—and always will be—the armed private citizen. While America has failed to assemble and maintain a well-regulated Militia, the private armed American is a powerful stopgap to the onslaught of a derelict government turning to violence.

And now, we are finally beginning to recognize the dire need for Patriots and Conservatives to organize. Nothing short of a full-fledged assault against the Communist domestic dictators will do, be they mock leaders like Biden, or Marxist governors like Gavin Newsom. We are now seeing freedom lovers worldwide rise up against unethical police officers and military forces that serve the dark side and torment us. This fellowship of freedom fighters has now begun to take a stand and say, “No more!” We are fed up with the lies, deception, propaganda, indoctrination, and fear-mongering. We will no longer accept being told to cover our faces or accept the toxic jab, close our businesses, or isolate ourselves from one another. The brotherhood of mankind has been created in the image of God. Thus, God, Himself tells us—and that instills in every man and woman a deep-seated yearning for freedom to create, to prosper, and to live according to the laws of humanity.

You can be sure that the whole world has seen the torchlight of Lady Liberty, and they crave it more than do we Americans who take our liberty for granted. But as the tyranny escalates and as freedom wanes, the dormant patriots are awakening in our once free republic as well. Yes, a war has already been declared against the United States Constitution. Now we see clearly that our freedom is near to being tossed over a cliff. Under such tyranny years ago, the American Revolution was fought and won. If we so choose once again, nothing can stop the Second American Revolution that is now brewing already. But the war could be carried far and wide, and who knows… perhaps a World Revolutionary War is on the horizon. A freedom fight is always a just war, and the brotherhood of man seeking freedom is a mighty powerful army. Now is the time to act. And when the storm passes, we shall behold a most glorious rainbow!