Up in Arms about the COVID Coup in Progress

American tyranny from the rogue Biden regime is quickly escalating. The tactics from the White House are becoming increasingly bold and more oppressive. If you still have not recognized that the COVID-19 pandemic was conceived and implemented as a weapon to destroy America and initiate a global reset, then you have chosen your dark fate. If enlightened, you know there’s work to be done.

The political plot of Coronamania is a deadly war that is now triggering intense reactions across America. The impact on our families and businesses is having a profound impact on our way of life. Pandering to the enemy has yielded its bitter fruit, and our delayed response has cost us greatly. But as the Communist-style oppression ramps up in America, so also is a renewed patriot spirit that is setting the stage for a second revolutionary war. Do we have any other options? The fight begins with a grassroots counter-assault to restore our freedom, which may occur at three levels of involvement. By all means, join the fight here on Unity Without Compromise!

Episode timeline
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