Who Is Really At the Helm in the White House?

The fact that we have an unelected, criminally-seated, demented President is quite evident to most American people. What is not clear is who is really running this country. The question of who is controlling Joe Biden must be answered, as this puppeteer’s actions could powerfully decide the very fate of America. Just as with data that is being collected from the jab, the accumulating evidence of the Biden regime’s words and actions must be carefully interpreted, assimilated, and synthesized to determine what direction our nation is headed under his pretentious rule.

If we choose to ignore the evidence, or to merely grumble about his performance, then Biden and his cohorts will proceed unhindered with their agenda. We need to take a close look at his exploits and see what patterns are formed. Then, let’s take it a step further and ask who might be coaching Joe. Does it really make a difference who is at the helm? Yes, it makes all the difference in the world! We must closely examine the facts of what’s happening, and then ask who would logically be pushing this agenda, and why. Only then are we equipped to effectively deny them their woeful plan to conquer us.

Perhaps the first question to ask is, what good has Biden done for America? Has anything actually improved for American citizens under his “leadership?” Honestly, I can’t think of anything—not one thing!

In all of his fifty years, Joe accomplished a resounding nothing! Has the present Demented Joe Team done anything to make America better? Remember Biden’s slogan: “Build back better!” Where is the “better?” On the other hand, what has Joe done to make American life worse? The Alaskan pipeline project was stopped, causing the loss of thousands of jobs, higher gas prices, and loss of energy independence. Our porous southern border is welcoming daily thousands of insurgents/terrorists, and disease-infected people. They will receive free services at our expense as a reward for their illegal intrusions. This brings us to the woes of heavy taxation, threatened social security benefits, and direct threats to our safety and health. Biden has quite transparently revealed his disloyalty to our own military forces via the Afghanistan debacle, as well as his overwhelming loyalty to the CCP, the Taliban, Iran, and other rogue nations.

The regime’s infrastructure plan will nourish the leftist Green New Deal and fund America’s conversion to Communism. Biden is also expanding Obamacare, and he ardently fights to promote abortion. Gun control is a major agenda, as the private American citizen must first be disarmed before the coup can be completed.

As demonstrated by Kentucky Representative James Comer’s list of atrocities, Biden accumulated 100 bungled fiascos in his first 100 days in office. He now weakens our military through its feminization, by LGBTQIA recruitment, with illegally forced vaccinations, via CRT propaganda, and by graciously donating billions of dollars of our high-tech military equipment to the Taliban, a sworn US enemy. Biden has clearly abandoned our allies, who have now lost faith in America. The list of blunders could go on ad nauseam. But what is clear is that these “errors” are not just failures of the presidency. They are intentional, strategically-planned, coordinated acts, specifically designed to overthrow our free republic. Anyone who does not see this either lives in the world of make-believe or has true fellowship with the enemy. The Biden administration is an “America Last” assault against our nation… which leads me back to the ever-serious question at hand: who is the real puppet master?

Prior to the 2020 election, Barack Obama plainly told the world on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert that he would love to discreetly serve a third term of office as President by operating behind the scenes. In his own not-so-cryptic words, “If I could make an arrangement where I had a stand-in, a frontman or frontwoman, and they had an earpiece in… I’d be fine with that.” 

Again, look at the evidence. Everything Obama did had a direct negative impact on America’s survival as a free nation. Like the Bush dynasty, Obama was a globalist and a strong radical Muslim sympathizer. Obama boasted at the end of his presidency, “We have not had a major scandal,” but is this true? Biographer Matt Margolis, in “The Scandalous Presidency of Barack Obama,” cites 29 scandals under Obama’s terms. These include the Benghazi disaster, spying on the Trump campaign, bowing to the king of Saudi Arabia, giving a $1.7 billion cash payment to Iran, and even the tragic Obamacare plan: an unsustainable medical aid designed to thrust Americans towards socialized medicine. As with all Democrats, Obama raised taxes, defunded the military, and failed to secure the southern border. To this day, questions regarding his citizenship haven’t been answered. Obama severely weakened America, and I am certain that was his goal.

Now having two unleashed bioweapons that include a lab-synthesized, gain-of-function coronavirus strain and a pre-pandemic planned “vaccine,” the launched assault to promote a global agenda is being effectively carried out, and most effectively in the United States! Obama’s cabinet served his anti-American agenda very well, and the present administration is using many of the same staff, most of whom have been labeled “the Deep State.” We know the FBI was complicit in the January 6th staged insurrection. The evidence of tainted organizations, including the FBI, CIA, WHO, DHS, NIH, WHO, Department of Education, and many others, points to an organized crime syndicate whose mission is to eradicate the US Constitution. Already, they ignore it. The evidence reveals nothing less than an embedded, secret terrorist faction working together in evil harmony, with an enforced code of silence, just like the mafia! Remember all those who dared to expose the evil, and who then “committed suicide.” The Clinton Foundation is a slush fund for whatever criminal activity they seek to commit. And George Soros is a reliable backup. Someone has to be the Chief Puppeteer. This ring leader should be ferreted out. He is the chief enemy. In order to break a crime ring, all the ranking players must be identified and neutralized. If not Obama, is it the CCP? Just who is at the control wheel?

Most patriotic Americans obviously prefer an “America First” agenda, and we honor and abide by the Constitution. Unfortunately, all true-blooded patriots are now ironically classified as “the enemy.” And we must own the title. We are enemies of injustice, foes of Communism, and feisty freedom fighters. Knowing the enemy is the first step toward defeating that enemy. Therefore we must answer the question, who is really at the helm in the White House? And then we must mount an offensive against that subject. Nothing less will do!