Here’s Why the Biden Coup Tactics Will Soon Escalate

Blind victims of the pandemic war still live in paralyzing fear. But we must understand that the dark leaders of the pandemic pandemonium are also possessed of dire fear. The difference is that one submits in fear, while the other attacks in fear. What scares the coup insurgents so much?

Their greatest fear is that President Trump might be reinstated again when he wins the 2024 election. This possibility now alarms them to the point of grave urgency—and you can be sure they are directly acting on their phobia to ensure this doesn’t happen. What does this entail? It implies the Communist Biden regime has a limited timeline for enacting and culminating their coup in progress. If we misunderstand the significance of this point, then we are doomed to a future catastrophic life of bondage. Let me explain.

Anyone who listened to President Trump’s Georgia rally speech was greatly encouraged by this leader’s powerful, patriotic words. We crave it. We need those words of encouragement. But listen carefully to his message. He concluded that America will be “powerful again…  wealthy again… strong again… proud again… safe again… great again.” 

But don’t dare miss his preceding disclaimer, “if we make it to 2024.”

That “if” contains a sober warning. That Donald Trump would win the 2024 election is without doubt, but we must not discount the all-inclusive “if.”

If we can get control of voter fraud.
If we are not attacked first by a foreign power.
If our economy is not totally wrecked.
If the US military is not weakened to the status of a Cub Scout den.
If the Constitution itself is not fully nullified by 2024, mooting another election.
If the porous southern border doesn’t overwhelm America with insurgents and illegals to replace our current working and fighting force.

Those are big “ifs,” perhaps much bigger than any of us ever imagined. Should we be concerned?

Whoever comprises the Chief Puppeteer and the true Biden insurgent team, they know full well that if Donald Trump is again elected President, he will clean house as never before. President Trump is smart; he is savvy. He certainly was too trusting (as were we all?) with his retained cabinet members, but this time it would be different.

The FBI and CIA would be wiped clean of all real and potential Deep State weasels. The Department of Homeland Security would be restructured. Criminals would be punished, and illegal aliens would be deported. The economy would blossom, and the southern border wall would be finished pronto. Foreign policy again would be tough, and fair. The globalist agenda would be shelved. Censorship would halt. Biden’s team of thugs knows this. And therefore, what they do, they must go and do quickly. They are on a strict timeline to accomplish all their dirty work of overthrowing the free American empire. Their devilish scheme must be completed by November 2024. That gives them only a little over 3 years.

This is precisely why we will see a rapid rise in their grim tactics to control and suppress us. Free speech is dangerous, and all freedom “agitators” must be silenced. Anyone who challenges the COVID pseudoscience and quiets the fear-mongering must be canceled. As more Americans are finally awakening to the diabolical significance of masking, forced vaccines, and the new Jim Crow laws, the threat of a failed coup becomes more daunting to the enemy. The fact is that Biden’s mafia cannot control the masses, if the masses so choose. Therefore, they must act quickly and become more forceful. Thus it’s no surprise that vaccine mandates now threaten millions of workers: either follow the party line, or join the unemployment line.

As the next cold/flu season approaches, expect more mask pressure, repeat shutdowns, more threats, more accusations against the unvaccinated. Whether by business closure, forced unemployment, family feuds, isolation, depression and anxiety, censorship, defamation, and even physical abuse—you the average citizen must be beaten down and destroyed. Brainwashed. Remade into an obedient serf. Time is running out!

Many Americans sadly now believe that the domestic enemy cannot be stopped. Their weapons are too powerful, they say. Some justifiably claim that we cannot vote ourselves out of this mess. If true, then we have only two options—fight or surrender. We could be on the brink of an all-out Revolutionary War, either domestic or global. Armed American citizens have a distinct advantage. Therefore we carry the freedom torch.

Happily, the “America First” movement is growing rapidly. Patriots in America and abroad are now more willing to fight for freedom. The enemy knows the Red Storm is brewing. Add this fact to their time constraint, and… well you get the picture.

Expect the despotism of the rogue puppet regime to grow. If they cannot control us, they cannot win. If they push us too far, too fast, then all hell will break loose against the globalist dictators and government goons. What we’re really seeing now is a worldwide “Freedom First” movement. We can thank America for that. Our nations founding fathers did their job well. And now we must do ours!

We can only speculate what crushing blows will be fired at us in the coming days. We might expect more intense attacks with vaccine passports. Some hospitals and doctors already limit their care to jabbed victims only. Hospitalization is now itself a life-threatening event. Will they next try to cut off our food supplies as well? How long before they deny us access to fuel, travel, and other essentials? They will surely promote COVID boosters, and these will be as worthless as the first round, but very likely more dangerous. What novel gene sequences will be incorporated into new “vaccines?” Surely, they will come after our guns. Red flag laws are just a step closer to restricting our guns. We must never surrender our guns!

The present unconstitutional Communist-Democrat seizure of power is by no means an unstoppable force. But know that these insurgents are not crazy; they are intelligent—and very smart in the ways of evil. These power-hungry rebels are not strong or skilled in military strategy. But they are technocrats.

They will recruit the CCP, Iran, the Taliban, the illegal immigrants to do their dirty work, just as they did with BLM and Antifa. The Leftist tour de force will attempt to exploit every imaginable tactic they can harness to conquer our republic.

But they can never take our souls without our permission. Every unharnessed soul is a threat to Communism.

So I challenge you today to be a threat to this fake President and his court jesters. As freedom lovers join forces, let us speak the truth boldly, stand tall for freedom, resist all oppressive mandates, and unite together without compromise of our Bible-based, God-fearing, great American standard. The time to fight is now. Let’s show the world the real heart and soul of the true American Patriot!

Our allegiance is to the flag, to one nation under God. May this allegiance be genuine, and yield its good fruit.