Is Pandora’s Box of Woes Against Humanity Apocalyptic?

The dark cataclysmic events we are now facing threaten life on this planet as we know it. How do we explain the intricate web of evil that is still being woven against mankind? What changes will be forced upon us if this current plague of evil plays out to its end goal? Will this be “just another bad time in history,” or is the present darkness something more foreboding of a global death knell, an Apocalypse?

Sorting out present events in both America and across the globe is critical to an understanding of what is to be our likely fate in the near future. Will Christians be around to face it, or will they soon be raptured? The end of human history will one day be upon us, but knowledge is freedom! Freedom from worry, from ignorance, from folly, and hopefully from complicity in doing evil, requires an undistorted knowledge of what the Bible says. Regardless of your political or religious bias, you might not escape what’s coming; but you certainly can alter the course of human destiny before the final showdown!

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