Let’s Identify and Quash the Apostles of Slavery and Injustice for All

Years ago in a Bible college class, a beloved professor took out a penny when teaching what the word apostle meant. He showed us the penny and stated, “one sent. That’s what apostle means.” I never forgot it. By this strict definition, anyone can call themselves an apostle. One who is commissioned to go and do something is an apostle. To be called an apostle of Jesus Christ, one had stricter requirements to fulfill, such as being physically in the presence of Jesus during His 3-year ministry on earth. Sadly, many Christians abuse this term by calling themselves apostles of Jesus. (If you need clarification on this point, read Second Corinthians, chapter eleven.)

Even more lamentable is the fact that certain apostles of doom seemingly have been sent by Satan to torment and destroy all mankind. Who are they, and what do they do? It’s worth knowing. As Christians, we are called to expose their evil. We first must recognize it.

The champions of doom are they who are now spreading their poison across America and the globe. Think of the biggest hitmen against good; think evil. They kill and maim. They destroy nations. They oppress. They rob you of freedom and human dignity. One such apostle is George Soros. He has spent billions promoting anarchy, such as funding corrupt politicians, caravans of illegal immigrants, and terrorist groups such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Another protagonist of Satan is Barack Obama. His every act as President served to destroy the economy, weaken our military, promote Islam and efface Christianity; and ultimately to wipe out our Constitution. He is still most likely active in this mission. The Clintons have executed many righteous people who sought to expose the Clinton atrocities of child trafficking, betraying our military (remember Benghazi!), and promoting Communist and Socialist doctrine. Dr. Anthony Fauci presents himself as an angel of light. In his own estimation, he is the very apostle of science, as he labors hard to carry out his global genocide through gain-of-function research on coronavirus and now Ebola virus. And how he pushes the lethal inoculations! Bill Gates touts his eugenics plan as a scheme to gloriously save the planet by killing off a large portion of its human denizens.

These apostles of Diabolos who are commissioned to wreak havoc on the world have caused incalculable suffering the world over. They have killed and maimed millions. They have stolen money from us through heavy taxation and failed businesses. Their attacks on the human spirit have been the ruin of millions more, both young and old.

What’s worse is that these apostles from hell have many disciples. Their followers are complicit in the evil and are rewarded with money from the lowly gods they serve. These include the kings of pseudoscience, Leftist governors and politicians, globalists such as the Bush family dynasty, and the climate change gurus who know nothing of science and everything about extortion. They are the propagandists of social media and the dishonorable government agencies such as the FBI and CIA. The Board of Education is hell-bent on brainwashing and warping the minds of our children. Corrupt medical boards now attack the genuinely caring and sound doctors who faithfully adhere to their noble oaths. These accomplices of darkness minister directly to the apostles of slavery and injustice for all.

They supplant the virtuous Pledge of Allegiance that demands “liberty and justice for all.” Shall we helplessly sit back and allow these missionaries of evil to have their way? Some say yes. Others aren’t so sure. But a growing number of people are deciding they’ve had enough. For many months now, the plain truth has been evident: America is under attack!

Initially, very few people could discern this fact. But now the words of reason and verity are being echoed across the land. An army of the new militia is growing daily. This group consists of Americans you can be proud of, as they don’t submit to tyrants. These are the soldiers of justice who will save America, God willing. To those who cower at the thought of a Second Revolutionary War, you must come to terms with the fact that the war against America is already raging. We’ve been attacked by a domestic terrorist regime whose chief puppet is Joe Biden. To those who are squeamish of the possibility of violence, are you so blind that you cannot see the brutality in unnecessary Covid deaths through the bioweapon virus, the lethal jab, and the cumulative effects of masking, lockdowns, brainwashing, economic destruction, and more? What will it take for such naysayers to realize the bloodbath we have already encountered through our cowardly dormancy!

If defending our Constitution is not your thing, then step aside. But don’t call yourself a Patriot or a Christian. Don’t whine and complain about your loss of freedom. Don’t yearn for the harvest of freedom that came through the blood and sacrifice of those who dare to fight for justice, freedom, and righteousness.

This fight is of God! And it has now begun in earnest! Yes, we have seen the resistance of our disarmed Patriots in other lands. Still, they now fiercely fight the tyrants. They have tasted of God’s savory gift of freedom, if only in small portions; and they crave it the more. They have reaped a little of the greatest and most basic of all rights bestowed on mankind from a loving God, and they now clamor for liberty. The one nation under God showed them all the sweet possibilities in a land of liberty, and now they act!

Those who shy from their civic duty to resist evil deserve a coward’s fate—the shackles that bind the human spirit. But as for me and my household of fellow warriors, we’ll have none of it! It’s time to live by the words, “Don’t tread on me.” It’s time to stop speaking and start doing. If we choose to put some force of action behind our words, the apostles of this present darkness haven’t a chance in hell of defeating the God-fearing American patriot.

Every day that goes by without a fight, the enemy of America’s soul grows stronger and more determined to have their way. The evidence reveals that they are fully intent on destroying America—destroying you and your loved ones—your very way of life. What America needs now is an army of apostles who are sent to speak the truth as never before. Your silence is bolstering the enemy. Your inaction is cursing the land you love. A life devoted to defending our God-given rights is a life well spent, and a just cause before God. We must be silent no longer. So put a penny in your pocket as a reminder, and choose this day to be “one sent!”