Political Neutrality is Insanity in the Midst of an Insurgence

We are living in drastic times. As the surge of tyranny against our constitutional liberty rapidly escalates, many good American citizens are beginning to feel the palpable strain from a skillfully calculated, strategic plan to collapse America. And as our nation continues in the direction of rapid decline, suffering around the world concurrently increases.

America was once a bastion for human dignity and God-given liberty. Although the Sleeping Giant is finally beginning to stir, its prolonged dormancy has weakened its moral fibers, blunted its strong resolve, and fogged its slumbering brain. Look around. All you will see is ineffective, politically correct jabs taken at whatever illegal, immoral, or unscientific issue is being challenged. And what does it accomplish? Absolutely nothing. Why? Because too many champions for righteousness feel compelled to remain apolitical. They “don’t want to make this a political issue,” when it is a political issue! They falter when they need to march.

I experienced such a saga twice yesterday. I attended first an excellent presentation by a highly-regarded epidemiologist and cardiologist, Dr. Peter McCullough, who skillfully elucidated the best available scientific data on COVID. He boldly and accurately revealed the many inconsistencies and errors of scientists and medical doctors, such as falsely claiming the vaccine confers better immunity than natural immunity, the shameful refusal to treat sick COVID patients early, and the ongoing push to blindly vaccinate the entire world, young and old, despite low efficacy and the potential for serious harm and death from the shot. He went as far as to say, “something isn’t right,” but when asked to speculate on the “why” of the seeming insanity, he draws the line. He refused to get political.

Right after this presentation, I attended a Mayo Hospital forced vaccine protest in Pheonix, Arizona, and the word among the protesters was, “don’t get political.” I attempted conversation with a masked Mayo doctor who decided to attend, not in support, but likely to set the nurses straight on the “facts.” When I commented on all the best medical studies that solidly refuted the claim that masks were effective viral barriers, he tried to sidetrack me. I suggested a political bias, and he was offended. Even woke doctors don’t wish to acknowledge the obvious. Both sides have been duped into holding their ground-based on science alone. Suddenly I felt very angry.

As our nation is being systematically dismantled, many well-intentioned and good people are confining themselves to their professional box of medicine, or to their own particular focus of concern, because they fear losing their voice if they cross the line and jump out of their isolated box of expertise.

What does this accomplish? First, it keeps everyone out of the arena where the real war is being waged—the political coliseum. Second, it discourages American citizens from dealing with the crux of the issue that is causing all the chaos in medicine, business, religion, industry, and every other disrupted aspect of our lives. Third, it prevents the formation of a unified fighting force against the real perpetrators of this political coup against America: dirty politicians.

Granted, refusing to get out of our little box is a safe haven. But do you really want safety when your nation’s vitality is being strangled? Sadly, I believe many do. When you reside in your sphere of safety, you avoid the battlefront, working well back of enemy lines. You might be much more popular and favored, too. You tend to please all people, and you offend few, if any. And all the while, the political totalitarian autocracy gains precious ground toward achieving their victory. Maybe it’s time to step out of our box.

And while we’re at it, let’s stop pandering to the irrational Left. This is but casting pearls before swine. Even some good politicians are unaware of the impotent messages they convey. Representative Jim Jordan has been quite vocal on Twitter, and he isn’t shy when it comes to challenging corrupt politicians on their evil works. We need more such politicians as he who dares to expose evil. Senator/Dr. Rand Paul has done a wonderful job at calling out the fraudulent and conniving Dr. Fauci. I commend Paul for avowing to hold Fauci accountable. But he also recently warned Americans to be afraid of their government. What message does that send among the masses who already live in fear of their government? We should rather be shouting, “Be angry with your government.” The chant should not be “Hold the line!” or “Defend the fort!” It should be an all-out call to battle.

The fact is that we don’t have any time to waste. The sum total of all our efforts towards reasoning with the Left has really accomplished nothing. At the present rate we’re going, we will never defeat the domestic enemy—the Puppet Biden Administration—by conquering voter fraud, open borders, or foreign enemy-friendly economics and relations.

The forced jab may be the last straw. Coronavirus will never go away (a simple fact of science), and medicine in the hands of a rogue government with our present medical technology has a catastrophic potential much greater than even nuclear war.

History has also taught us that the messengers who herald war are never popular. I don’t pretend to like this message any more than any other normal human being. But I do see clearly the narrative that is now being scribed into the annals of American history. I don’t like what I see. If we maintain our defensive posture of merely trying to hold the line, we will fail. If many good people remain in their boxes, for whatever reason they endorse, then we will only retreat in every battle we fight. If we think we can win this war of insurrection by reasoning with the enemy, the enemy has already won.

Perhaps we need to raise awareness of our own defense mechanisms. Nobody enjoys dwelling on the unpleasant. We subconsciously do all we can to avoid contemplating what harm may come to us. When suffering comes, we seek quick relief. And because we still live in a relatively free society, we usually can find some relief and support from emotional and physical pain. But allow yourself a few minutes of discomforting meditation on what you will do when you are denied the right to buy or sell. When you have no hospital or doctor to turn to when you are ill, for fear of being “terminated.” Imagine having your present house dwelling confiscated because of who you are: white, or Christian, or an independent thinker. What will you do when government authorities come to take away your guns… or your children? If you have no rights, no possessions, no freedom—then you have no choice in any such matters; you will suffer at their hands as never before imagined. That’s what’s coming to America and the world if we fail to act now.

This is still America. Some Americans still unfailingly claim the Lord of the Bible as their God and Savior. If we turn to the Lord, perhaps He will yet have mercy on a nation that has drifted far from God and His word. We do not all have the same capabilities. Some are old, weak, and frail. But we do all have the same opportunity to do what we can and all that we can. The price of freedom is costly, but the price of slavery is a living death. It’s time to escape your box, to leap off your fence, to do your duty for God and your country. It’s time to put aside fear and to live for God. Now is a time to repent and to call sin what it is. Ours is a time for unity without compromise. Political neutrality derives not from wisdom but from folly. Pray for wisdom. And please join the righteous fight for a God-fearing country once again.