The Sickening Saga of Doctors Not Treating the Sick

America is declining faster than you think. Aside from a few remaining heroes, medicine now has become an agency of the Leftist government’s tyranny. Doctors who refuse to treat the sick are not really doctors; they are imposters of the Jekyll and Hyde sort. But let’s be honest, refusing to treat the sick is only a small piece of the pirated-medicine pie. Early treatment of viral illness always has been the mainstay of medical practice. When that treatment is held for the sake of monetary gain—and possibly for a patient’s demise—we can be assured of the full destruction of sound medical practice.

Hospitals are no longer safe-havens. Hired-hand doctors have shown their true colors: they are all too eager to comply with ineffective and even dangerous treatments and absurd protocols that may hasten a patient’s death. How many stories of intentional devastation must we hear before we believe and respond to the assault against our sick loved ones? The new Jim Crow laws are life-threatening attacks against level-headed people who choose science over science fiction in their medical decision-making. This travesty is only beginning. The end game is sure to be a deadly game that you don’t want to ever play.

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