Good Parents Bequeath Peace and Joy to Their Children

In the best of times, parenting is a challenge. When your government is actively targeting your children in an unrighteous war, they need your support and protection. As Socialist indoctrinators are competing against you for control of your child’s mind and body, parenting can feel like an overwhelming burden and a losing battle. You are not alone. Now is a time to get back to the basics of good parenting. Like anything worth pursuing, raising children requires clear thinking, steady nerves, a knowledge of the basics, and a hardy resolve to do what is right. Giving your children exactly what they need 

Everything children need to know about life is no longer taught in kindergarten. A substitute for wholesome parents does not exist; you are all that your child needs. If you allow your children to be raised by the state, America will be a welfare state within a generation. But if you choose to invest time and energy into nurturing your offspring, the gifts of peace and joy will be theirs to pass on to future generations. Of such progeny are great nations born and sustained.

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