Here’s a Simple Test for Identifying a RINO

In less than a year, we’ll be facing the decisive mid-term elections. Between now and November 8, 2022, many candidates will be entering a political race that will decide what direction America takes as a nation—a decision that likely shall determine its very fate. Many people in the political arena make great claims and promise amazing feats, seeking to win votes that will transport them first over the election line of victory. Americans are now finally catching on to the importance of voting for representation that will actually benefit America. Have we any guidelines for choosing the right candidate? How nice it would be if we just had a simple test to separate the RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) from the genuine patriots. Maybe we do.

After an inspiring discussion with my wife the other day, I’m more convinced than ever that selecting a strong constitutionalist candidate, meaning not a RINO, can be done with confidence. But let me be clear: I define the right candidate as one who sees the big picture and knows the importance of putting America first.

Say what you want about Donald Trump, but he has impregnated America with the Make America Great Again (MAGA) mindset. The majority of constitutional conservative American voters have MAGA branded on their foreheads. Nothing else matters. The idea may sound a little dogmatic, perhaps even a little cultish to some, but the fact remains that Americans with common sense appreciated all that President Trump accomplished in his four-year presidential debut. America did thrive.

The United States was again respected on the global stage. And the benefits to the average American citizen was palpable. Taxes were lowered; small businesses boomed; foreign powers could no longer take advantage of us; peace in the Middle East was pushing forward. The world became a more stable place. The impact was so impressive that many former Democrats have jumped ship. And why wouldn’t they? Every God-fearing, country-loving patriot seeks peace and prosperity, and under President Trump’s leadership, this became a reality.

So great was this MAGA movement that it is still boiling over in the kettle. Americans want their freedom, as well as peace, law and order, respect for constitutional rights, and all that comes with being a free American.

If we are to win back our stolen constitutional republic without resorting to war, we need to be very wise in voting for the right person. We must own the fact that even the Republican Party is replete with spineless self-seekers who know nothing of patriotism and principle. We call the worst of them RINOs, but an honest assessment of the bad elephants in the room reveals many more testosterone-deficient professional Republican politicians than the already well-known frauds. So, how do we sort out the RINOs and the insincere from the earth-shaking MAGA patriots that might actually help save America? It’s a question worth answering. When addressing the problem with my wife Teresa, she offered a very simple test that I had not previously considered. She said, “Look at their colors.”

What? Thinking this some sort of deep conclusion, I considered the colors that the Left is smearing us all with, skin color. But that made no sense since my wife is as race-indifferent as I am. Clarifying her statement, she suggested we look at the colors of political candidates’ business cards and promotional materials. She then dropped on the table two business cards, one from a governor seat hopeful and another vying for a seat in the Oregon senate. The contrast immediately stood out. One candidate’s colors were red, white, and blue. The other’s was green, yellow, orange, and brown—anything but red, white, and blue. Okay, amusing, I thought. Then I investigated further. Once again I am humbled by the beautiful simplicity of a skilled observer’s keen mind. At first, I was skeptical, but as I researched her proposal and actually interacted with some politicians in face-to-face conversation, I was amazed at the accuracy of her little cue. Now maybe I’m yet to be disappointed, but the more I analyze her test of patriotic genuineness, the more convinced I am that she is right.

Of course, I look at all the issues and evaluate what values and principles each candidate really coddle. I consider their track record and deduce how they perform when the heat is on. When speaking before a crowd, words seem to come easy to politician wannabes. Anyone can put on a good show. Not until I evaluate a person in small talk does the legitimacy of their character reveal itself. Nothing discloses one’s true nature more than a few minutes of intimate chit-chat. Sincerity and virtue cannot be hidden; neither can they be faked for very long. People will find you out. I learned that truth quickly as a physician. The veracity of the soul makes all the difference, regardless of one’s profession. Everyone likes transparency because we like to know what we’re dealing with and who we’re facing.

So after a few such conversations with candidates, I started asking for a business card, and then I visited their websites. Amazing! The Color Test seems to work very well. So I thought it might be worth sharing with you. Whatever the political party, America needs servant leaders who respect the red, white and blue. That’s the bottom line. America first!

Two morals to this story exist. First, husbands should listen more closely to their wives. Second, getting to the heart of a matter doesn’t always require a long and complex analysis, if only you can identify a reliable marker. Many conservative voters do aspire to make wise choices at the ballot box. We’re already challenged enough with voter integrity. If we can confidently vote for the genuine article to serve our country in politics, America’s success as a free republic is more highly probable, despite voter fraud. No randomized clinical trial has evaluated this color code theory, but empirically it passed the test. Perhaps you should try it yourself.

And if you have any other great pointers on avoiding RINOs and frauds in the next election, please sound it out. Lady Liberty needs all the help she can get right now. Keep praying, and do choose your candidates wisely!