The Grim Reaper Is Knocking on the Justice Department’s Door

In a time when the Executive Branch of our government is completely defunct, and the Legislative Branch is severely compromised, a smooth functioning Judicial Branch could save the day. But the Department of Justice is now showing its own serious signs of decay as it increasingly acts as the strong arm of enforcing Socialist-Marxist ideology. This atrocity could swiftly bring America to ruin! Unless soon corrected, this willful neglect of constitutional law and our Bill of Rights will produce a society without law and order—a state of hell on earth.

We already are suffering under an exponential rise in the Biden coup tactics that are systematically destroying our nation. If not soon checked, American justice will be fully supplanted by the present oppressive dictatorship. You’ve been warned already… the fate of America will be decided by the American patriots. If freedom is worth fighting for, so is justice. You can’t have one without the other.

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