The Spirit of America’s Frontline Doctors Is Alive and Well

A little reflection on the history of medicine in America reveals that we have come a long way from our meager origins. In the days of early frontier medicine, just about anyone could declare themselves to be a doctor. They may have developed their skills from taking care of farm animals, and perhaps they knew a little more than most about home remedies and snake oils. On the lonely western frontier, this was considered better than nothing, and it’s a fact that a little knowledge of home veterinary medicine might offer the same benefit to humans if skillfully applied. “Bones is bones,” and splinting broken bones works as well for one animal as another other. Treating wounds and removing bullets was a useful talent. That was pretty much all that was required, along with a few adept people skills.

Formal medical and dental training gradually evolved along with western expansion. By the time Doc Holliday colored the Wild West landscape, formal medical and dental schools were being established, however rudimentary the training. Despite the specialized education, frontier medicine was not lucrative, and it wasn’t easy work. Medical supplies were hard to come by, and doctors were on call day and night. Oftentimes no treatment was available, but having a doctor on hand to tend to the sick and hurting was a consolation to any wilderness community. Despite the challenges in medicine on the boundaries of civilization, medical doctors did offer hope and comfort to patients in need. What healing they were able to provide was certainly bolstered by reassuring words kindly spoken, and by the promise that “whatever may come, I’ll be there.” Even if a rudimentary hospital was available, recovery from illness in a hospital was still a crapshoot.

Advance the clocks a couple of centuries and you’ll find that history does tend to repeat itself, even in the field of medicine. For example, recent medical training seems to have been curtailed in many ways, as a new breed of doctors is produced to fit into the socialized medicine formula. As on the frontier, suddenly certain medications have become harder to obtain, particularly those to treat viral illness. As in the past, many patients are now told to go home and quarantine because there is nothing that can be done for them. As a consequence, some people die. Those who don’t succumb to their illness do often suffer greatly in a slow and agonizing recovery process. Many disappointed patients have returned to using home remedies to increase their odds of healing. If a patient is near to death from illness, then entering the hospital nowadays affords no better odds of coming out alive than a hundred years ago, maybe less. History’s repeats are sometimes most uninspiring.

But why do we so often ascribe only tragic events to the repeats of history? Can it not be said that good historical events also repeat themselves? This is exactly the case arising in parallel with the COVID pandemic travesty. Showing the very same spirit of those caring frontier doctors of a past age are those modern heroes who still choose to heal the sick and downtrodden, despite all odds. I speak of America’s Frontline Doctors.

Few seem to qualify for this group of physicians hell-bent on righting the wrongs of the new organized medicine. These champions who fulfill their oath as doctors are now at risk of committing professional suicide. Only, it’s not really suicide; rather it’s homicide. The wide lapse in care of the manmade pandemic victims has been largely remedied by these doctors who still offer treatment for acute viral illness. Ironically, this is the way we’ve always done it. We simply heeded the best science in modern medicine and used it to effectively treat a very mendable illness. So successful is that treatment that full healing is virtually 100 percent guaranteed when treatment is started early.

America’s Frontline Doctors are to be commended for the great work they’ve done against miserable odds. Recall that about one-half of all German doctors joined the Nazi party during World War II, which means that one-half of all doctors stayed true to their oath.

Compare this to the greater than 99 percent of American doctors who now support a deviant political-based medical regime. It takes much courage to defy this current enemy. But that’s just what our Frontline doctors do. Their due praise comes not merely from answering the call of the sick, but also from willingly confronting the mad hoards of strayed doctors who have forsaken their promise to be healers. This bad batch of doctors harbors all the personal traits necessary to resurrect the Josef Mengele types who performed lethal experiments on Auschwitz prisoners. Indeed, the Frontline Doctors, along with a few noble scientists, are exposing the lethal experimentation on the world at large with the synthetic COVID-19 strain and its follow-on gene injections. They will not be silenced, despite all the cyber censorship and threats of lost medical licenses, sullied reputations, and stolen livelihoods. They continue the fight for patients’ rights because they are real doctors. Their spirit is the same as those who willingly go to war to preserve a nation. They are the great American patriots who refuse to bow a knee to the domestic insurrectionist gods of pseudoscience.

In the fight for good, progress seems to come all too slowly for those of us actively engaged in warfare. Many victims have already fallen at the hands of medical practitioners whose dark souls fulfill their crimes against humanity. Yet we are seeing progress. Truth has a way of working its way to the surface, especially when bioweapons are so overtly doing their widespread damage. We also can be sure that many doctors have willfully participated in the fake science only because of their own cowardice and fear, or perhaps for job security. Perhaps they will yet redeem themselves. Even tyrannical police officers in Australia have recently yielded to their unsettled consciences. Living in guilt is its own form of torture.

Some would rightly claim that living in this new Orwellian frontier is on par with living in the wilderness frontier of former days. Though the challenges are new, yet they are old. The ravages of man’s inhumanity to man, when added to the throes of everyday life, can be entirely overwhelming. When drowning in grief and sorrows, the best buoys that rescue life’s victims are hope and caring. This was the spirit of the frontier doctor, and it is no less the spirit of America’s Frontline Doctors. To this end, I salute them. Not a one of them is a quitter, and when push comes to shove, you can be sure they’ll be there for patients. May their spirit be infectious; and may it spread like a pandemic.

We’ve seen this hope and caring throughout all periods of cataclysmic human suffering. Fortunately, history repeats itself. Strive to be on the right side. America’s Frontline Doctors are people, too. Now is a time they could use your support, as they do all they can to support you. A good word goes a long way.