The Sum of All Fears Is a Sleeping Giant

The only legitimate sum of all fears should be a healthy fear of God. But in our “new normal” world of deceit, the most frightening thought for true patriots is that American dormancy will allow its domestic insurgent government to destroy America. Is this a legitimate fear? Given the lack of effective response against this lethal enemy so far—Yes! We have truly disgraced our nation’s founding fathers by all but ignoring such a dangerous threat to our constitutional liberty. A call to arms should already have been trumpeted. If the Sleeping Giant continues in its torpor much longer, Lady Liberty’s torch will soon be extinguished.

However, an awakening giant that decides to take on the enemy is the Left’s sum of all fears, and signs of a great awakening are now shining through the darkness. In a fallen world, sometimes war is the only solution to neutralizing an evil government, and a revolutionary war is now at hand. If we seriously aim to restore American liberty, we must fully commit to annihilating the Obama-Biden oligarchy by any and all means possible. Time is running out!

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