The Vaccine Debate Will Expose the Heart of President Trump

The American people are literally starving for genuineness of heart among their country’s leaders. Nearly all Conservatives hope to see a return of President Trump at the 2024 election because of his loyalty to the people. In fact, many good American patriots regard Donald Trump as a kind of savior of America. Who can deny that, were it not for President Trump’s wisdom, boldness, and courage, the most sinister plot to destroy America would have been fully played out by now. Our constitutional republic would be history. I cannot disavow the profound impact President Trump has had in staying our liberty against a Socialist beast called the Deep State. How did he do it?

In a word, integrity. Regardless of how you felt about President Trump’s blunt demeanor or “mean” tweets, or his eagerness to call out his enemies, what truly illuminated this man’s path was his honest approach in speaking his mind about corruption and evil. That’s called having integrity. This even eclipses his Zorro-like appeal as a warrior who contended for the people. Nothing better reveals the rectitude of a man’s heart than the relationship between his words and actions. When an individual speaks and acts in a congruent manner, that person is called genuine. He may be genuinely right or wrong, but at least he is predictable and true to his convictions. In a world of uncertainty, that’s a good thing. You know where the person stands. So it was with President Trump.

In response to the threat of a pandemic Wuhan virus, President Trump went into immediate action by creating Operation Warp Speed, whose goal was to deliver 300 million doses of safe and effective vaccine by January 2021. Such action was very consistent with Trump’s character: see a problem, fix it! Having no medical expertise, the President was dependent upon advice from medical experts. Yes, he consulted with a tainted expert named Dr. Anthony Fauci, whose advice we now know was, at the very least, misleading. Grossly misleading. But at the time, people were scared, confused, and desperate for relief from the mental anguish instilled by the pandemic pandemonium. While Trump may have profited from the vaccine, yet his motive was good. If a safe and effective vaccine could be rapidly developed, then this vaccine could possibly save many lives. Remember, we had no idea what the true morbidity and mortality would be, but disaster and catastrophe were the prognostic words early on describing this manmade fiasco.

The accelerated vaccine process was, by all means, a monumental achievement with the exception of one little detail. The experimental vaccine has proven to be neither safe nor effective. Oops! That caught us off guard. The gene shots should have been halted immediately, according to Dr. Robert Malone, a physician who pioneered mRNA vaccine technology.

But this notion flew in the face of the real political narrative. Now, as increasing medical data is being collected and analyzed, we have solid evidence that the vaccine program is severely blemished. Even corrupt politicians pushing illegal mandates will not persuade millions of Americans to ever take a COVID-19 vaccine, myself included. This fact creates a bit of a dilemma for Donald Trump. He candidly admitted in a recent interview with Dan Bongino that he had a vested interest in the vaccine program, but he also asserted that he would never endorse a vaccine mandate. That would be unconstitutional. He must be admired for stating this, as this venture was his baby, his pride and joy. He showed the world that the seemingly impossible could, in fact, be done. Such is the spirit of American pride!

Unfortunately, pride often precedes a fall. To every honest and reasonable physician who can neutrally evaluate medical evidence (and there aren’t many left), the gene shots are not worth the risk. Eventually, this fact will be made widely known, despite all the censorship and threats against truth-tellers who are labeled misinformers and conspiracy theorists. The number of deaths and injuries stemming from the experimental vaccines is rising, and now the tragedy is being forced upon children. Already we are seeing cardiac events among young athletes. Money is the root of this evil, as well as so many other evils.

The question is, does Mr. Trump understand the risks associated with the jab? Very likely, he does. Common sense is no stranger to Donald Trump. How can he be unaware of what so many conservatives already know to be true, that Fauci lied; Big Pharma deceived, and Leftist politicians oppressed. As a result, America is now further divided. 

On front and center stage for the 2024 election is the issue of integrity with regard to the vaccine. How each presidential nominee responds to this concern will be most telling, and decisive. For President Trump, it will give us more than a glimpse of what’s really in his heart. Some people believe he is in on the money grab, but this doesn’t hold water when we consider how much wealth he has forfeited by running for and serving as President of the United States. He personally sacrificed billions of dollars for the presidency.

Is it enough for him to declare vaccine mandates unconstitutional? Maybe not. Transparency on the issues of vaccine safety and efficacy needs to be addressed. For all its hope of rescuing the world from COVID, the vaccine has failed miserably. We shouldn’t be afraid to admit defeat and move on. We also should right the wrong of unlawful vaccine mandates. And while we’re at it, let’s put the lid on worthless masking and lockdowns. Fake news in medical research is called pseudoscience. When all is said and done, President Trump will gain much ground by doing something that he has wholeheartedly embraced: speaking truth openly and boldly.

One other thing leads me to believe (or at least hope) that Mr. Trump will come through on the vaccine issue. Despite his past moral shortcomings—and who doesn’t have any—he has repeatedly appealed to God as the Overseer of everything good and noble in America. If he keeps this truth in focus and stays on the moral high road, Donald Trump will be serving his second term as President of the United States in 2024. God willing.

Image: Reuters