As Soon as the Weary World Rejoices, We Win

How quickly the year has gone by! But it also seemed like an eternity. I’m glad the Christmas season is here, and I must confess I have defied the puppeteer. Our family is gathering in large numbers for an awesome celebration. Just like it’s supposed to be. Whoever would have imagined that defying Fauci and Biden would bring an added joy to Christmas celebrations, it’s our patriotic duty, and patriotism always feels good. What cures the blues better than a merry heart? Happiness and laughter are good medicine. More than ever, the world needs a merry Christmas.

Nothing pleases the downtrodden more than a few good words of encouragement. Some of us need that right now in no small portion. It’s true that misery loves company.

A perpetual dark winter—like the one fake president Biden just wished on every good American citizen—ultimately becomes a lonely and gloomy journey that ends in total despair for many who lack an emotional support base.

This unfortunate segment of the population is ever-expanding, and among them are some people you might not suspect. Those who may first come to mind are the homeless. But in this day, I’ve actually met and heard of homeless people actually being in their chosen element. If that’s what they choose, then they’re better off than most. Choice means freedom. But many other members of society feel alone in their world through no choice of their own. Among these are the elderly incarcerated in “care” homes, where they are forced into solitary confinement. From the outset of this manmade pandemic, the institutionalized aged residents have remained bereft of their families and even spouses. Many just gave up and died of loneliness.

Think also of military members who serve overseas and in other remote locations. Many have no family, no outside contacts. The soldiers who refuse the toxic shots are further isolated and tormented, compliments of our marionette president, who now even threatens them with punishment for being good patriots. These men and women serving our nation under a sin-sick tyrant certainly deserve better than the chunk of coal they’ve been allotted. They must feel very alone in their persecution. Their treatment brings to mind the sentiment toward the Vietnam soldiers, only this time it’s the very government they serve who is spitting in their face.

Ironically, even the woke crowd who lives by the mischievous mandates must also be among the lonely. Living in constant fear and suspicion takes its toll on the psyche, and it leads to depression. Even self-isolation can cause cabin fever. Many of these misfits have distanced themselves from their own families, heaping up burdens that cause as much harm to themselves as to their forsaken family members.

Well, I’d be lying if I claimed that I hadn’t felt the weariness of battle against our elusive enemy. When knowledge increases in the machinations of evil, so does sorrow increase. But battle fatigue can be overcome by taking brief respites from the frontline. Like everyone, I have a lot on my plate right now. But as I anticipate our family gatherings for the holidays, this weary body does rejoice. And as long as a spirit of joy glows steady in the heart, victory over evil triumphs. Good does win over evil. God will one day destroy all evil. That fact is what keeps me going. It’s what keeps us all going, if only we have a little faith.

The Christmas season is nothing more than a manmade holiday tradition, one that is not even essential to the Christian faith, but it’s a good tradition. Isn’t Christmas supposed to be the season of giving and joy? That may be a pie-in-the-sky dream, but good things happen when people can rise above the daily grind, despite all the arduous tasks of life in a sinful world. The birth of the Savior was sought by the Jews for many generations, and when the gift of Jesus was finally presented to the world in all simplicity, a great work was begun. “And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying: Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men” (Luke 2:14). Can you picture it? That must have been the greatest angelic birthday celebration of all time! So it must be of some importance to us also.

That great work of Jesus the Messiah culminated at the cross. When the world realizes that the end work of Christ’s sacrificial life offered to all an opportunity to receive the greatest gift of all—eternal life—then even a very weary world can rejoice.

That’s why I like Christmas. If we can be reminded once a year that something very good awaits all those who receive the Savior on His own terms, then we are bestowed the gifts of hope, patience, and endurance while we await the culmination of life here on earth. When the Savior becomes your Savior, your wear bones can rejoice in a victory that is already guaranteed. So let’s spread the good news and share some genuine Christmas cheer—we win!