Twas the Blight Before Christmas, St. Fauci the Grinch…

When I was a child, I did childish things. For example, I was a staunch believer in Santa Claus. For a five-year-old kid, that’s common sense, right? It had nothing to do with any religious belief. Seeing was believing! Christmas caroling, Christmas lights and presents under the tree on that glorious morning, cookies and milk left for Santa partially consumed—that was all the evidence any child needed to accept Santa as real. Nothing else mattered to the little children of the world; Christmas season was a magical time when people seemed a little happier, and when acts of kindness and generosity were self-evident by the gracious deeds of jolly old Saint Nick and others who followed in his path.

In the same child’s mind, the Grinch who stole Christmas was a force to be reckoned with. Thank God for the faith and love of a child who could thaw Grinch’s heart. The powerful act proved to a child that good triumphs over evil, and the world is a better place because of it. The truth is, the noblest thoughts and actions associated with the season actually create a strong sense of security in the lives of children who receive the blessings of Christmas.

Of course, the Christmas story still rings true, although the characters may have changed through the years. It was fun taking on the Santa role as a father. One year, shortly after the kids went to bed, I climbed on the roof and rang some bells, thudded the roof to mimic reindeer hooves, and even let out a deep “Ho! Ho! Ho!” My now-adult children still remember the gleeful memory. And that makes my heart sing.

To the world’s shame, the Grinch seems to return each year, but his face changes from time to time. He’s now a weasel in a suit and tie (and sometimes a deceitful white lab coat). His color has changed from green to blue, but beyond this, his Scrooge-like character hasn’t changed a bit. His heart is still very small, and he disdains the joy of Christmas. His goal remains to commit to the ash heap the resounding impact of the Savior’s birth. 

In every sense of the word, this Grinch is a “Snowflake.” What is he scheming this year? He begins by telling families that they should require each visiting family member to show proof of vaccination status before crossing the home threshold. The message is clear: cause more conflict among families who are already divided by fear-driven propaganda. The Grinch was hoping to force this Christmas-killing mandate by executive order, but since that is failing, a little more false advertising will have to do.

And just to show his full commitment to his plan of misery, he informed the world that he won’t be spending Christmas with his daughters this year. Does that mean his daughters and their families are not vaccinated? How dare they not take the Grinch’s advice. And if they are all obedient little weebles who took the jab, then why not gather? He sparks the Christmas steal with confusion and paranoia. However frazzled the masses, If the weary world rejoices even for a moment, this tireless blight before Christmas would be considered a complete failure.

Today, every peace-loving and good-hearted person could use a little cheer. And that means defeating, once again, the Scrooge of Christmas present, the Grinch who hopes to steal yet one more Christmas. What child’s heart will do the work? All it takes is the right frame of mind, and toward this end, I write:

Twas the blight before Christmas, when all through the nation,
Not a creature was fearing the dreaded vaccination.
The message was spread through the land with great care
In hopes that St. Fauci would soon disappear.

The children were taught that the world was really quite safe,
And that masking and hiding make only a waif.
While visions of sharing and caring served their good work,
They learned how to cure Scrooge Fauci, and wipe off his smirk.

But mommy and daddy had much more to say,
Because the story of Christmas isn’t just for a day.
Put aside all the throes and the woes if you can,
For every good word is like a bird in the hand.
Give thanks for all that you have, and you are,
Knowing grace and compassion will drive scrooges afar.

Now let the bells of Christmas morn ring;
May each and every heart the world over sing,
Put aside every worry, every fear, every thought
That drives away peace and calmness of heart!
If we banish the lies and dispatch the snares of St. Fauci the Grinch,
We’ll show him that love and friendship suffice in a pinch.

Then maybe the blight before Christmas will vanish for good;
As hearts of gold replace hearts small and cold, and truth misunderstood.
For peace on earth and goodwill toward men,
It is the goal and the prize for which we strive to the end.
So enough of the sorrow, confusion, and fright.
Merry Christmas to all! And to all, a goodnight!

The blight before Christmas can easily destroy the spirit of the season of giving, but it will never infect those whose hearts are focused on what counts most in life. The greatest treasure of living is found in relationships. Our whole duty as a nation under God is to first honor God by strengthening our bond with Him, and then by sharing our lives with family and friends.

For this reason, we should forever gather together. When we care for our neighbor as we would our own selves, we are doing good work that will cure any plague unleashed on mankind. When we face and oppose the Grinches who would steal our joy, we do well to remember the treasures of friendship that unite us all are far better than the ill-born advice of Grinches like Fauci. So gather one, gather all, to spread truth and joy to the weary world. Let’s prove to the Grinch that the only plague we should fear is rejecting our loved ones and all those we cherish.