Uncensored Truths About the Oregon Medical Board

Most doctors in America actually live in fear of retribution and punishment by medical boards if they pursue integrity in the practice of medicine. Doctors who stay true to their oath of doing no harm to their patients, and putting patients first over all other considerations—including unprincipled medical boards—are in conflict with a government-run system that seems to care nothing about patients.

See my article:  My David and Goliath Moment Against the Oregon Medical Board

The Oregon Medical Board typifies the extreme measures that rogue government agencies will take against doctors like my guest, Dr. Paul Thomas, who still avow an allegiance to science and evidence-based medicine. Fraudulent investigations, distorted facts, character defamation, and pseudoscience have become the tools of their trade. It’s time for doctors to start fighting back; time for patients to understand the real reasons why nearly all doctors remain silent in the face of medical board persecution.

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