What the Faux Medicine Pirates Don’t Want You to Know

What’s most surprising about the pirating of medicine by a rogue government faction is the obvious rehashing of the same nonsense over and over again. People are still falling for the lies. We now welcome the new Omicron (initially called Nu) variant of coronavirus. Once again, we are fed the same old, the-sky-is-falling, fake hysteria; but with a convenient twist. This virus will selectively attack children and is much more infectious than former variants, they say.

Predictably. The new vulnerable population that must therefore get gene-jabbed urgently is children. This calamity coincides with the recent push to vaccinate five-plus-year-olds who don’t die from coronavirus. Before long, the jab will be mandated for every person six months of age and older. They needed a reason to urge inoculation of our children, and so they’ve made one up. I’m quickly becoming bored with their nothing-new agenda. However, given the trend toward massive blind compliance with government hype, I do find myself getting angry.

Killing off and sterilizing children is no laughing matter. Shortening their lives due to spike protein inflammation from the shot is an exterminator’s dream, not good medicine. Whenever Fauci smiles, the world cries! 

Despite the yet unknowns relating to the manmade novel COVID-19 weapon, bad virus strains gradually do fizzle out. If sound medical research and honest science mean anything, we can be sure that even a bioweapon virus will fade over time. We have no idea if spike protein-induced damage will also heal over time, but every booster gene inoculation will produce more organ-damaging spike proteins.

If people would stop taking the shots, then the world would likely recover. That’s what the faux-medicine pirates don’t want you to know. They will continue to catastrophize every new naturally-occurring strain of virus that comes along, hoping this will scare people into taking the toxic alleged antidote. Perhaps one day people will finally wake up to the truth.

But even if the entire world does awaken to the reality of Coronamania, we must also know that more pandemics are being planned. You can count on it. The COVID-19 Plandemic was enormously successful. In the winds of biowarfare, we already hear such potential catastrophes as smallpox, Ebola, Nipah, and many more viral threats to come. Biowarfare has now made its debut on the world stage, and it will surely serve its purpose in enslaving the entire human race… unless we can bring to justice the likes of Tony Fauci, Bill Gates, and other genocidal power grabbers. Of course, this will require a revolution against the plague of passive complacency that now beguiles us.

A full year has now passed since the Oregon Medical Board (OMB) unlawfully suspended my medical license on December 4, 2020, in retaliation for exposing the sinister state agenda of the COVID pandemic cancel culture. And for exposing the fact that my early-treated COVID patients were 100 percent successful. And for not complying with a bogus governor-initiated mask mandate predicated on pseudoscience. Unfortunately, my practice of evidence-based medicine and transparency was more than the OMB could bare. They had to destroy the evidence—me—as quickly as possible.

But it wasn’t just me who was attacked on that fateful day. Dr. Paul Thomas, a Portland pediatrician, had the audacity to publish a book called The Vaccine-Friendly Plan, and to publish a vaccine research paper in a peer-reviewed medical journal. His license was suspended due to his honest scientific inquiry. His court hearing is scheduled for January 2022. Courtroom justice seems to be a coin toss these days, especially in a liberal state like Oregon.

As a physician whose life and genuine focus was devoted to truly caring for patients, I simply cannot fathom the present reality that a myriad of physicians in the woke world of medicine has so flagrantly compromised their integrity and followed shoddy science at best. Science fiction seems a powerful magnet to medical professionals these days. Supposedly, physicians are in the top 1 percent intelligence bracket. This proves beyond any doubt that intelligence and stupidity are not at all mutually exclusive.

Recently at a Mayo Clinic protest, I attempted a rational dialogue with one of Mayo’s masked physicians who availed himself to stir the pot. After presenting him with the best medical evidence on masking, he refused to so much as acknowledge the studies. My French-ness came out. I politely asked him to stop being stupid. I know, it wasn’t nice. And, of course, he took offense. (The woke are always offended by the truth.) I did apologize, but then reminded him that even Mayo’s best researchers have never discovered a cure for willful ignorance. That ended the conversation.

However the mutiny of medicine story ends, it will take a grand event—perhaps an act of God—to end it. Meanwhile, more legitimate physicians, scientists, teachers, parents, and all advocates of truth will suffer through censorship, cancellation, psychological torment, punishments, and even physical abuse. A government that already has unconscionably snuffed the lives of so many of its own citizens will not relent its assault unless it is proactively stopped. Halting evil tyrants is the duty of every true American patriot. If America is a government of/by/for the people, then it is that people’s ultimate responsibility to terminate medical tyranny. Whether my medical license is restored or not by the court is of little significance. But if integrity in medicine is not reclaimed, everyone suffers. Some doctors and other medical staff still refuse to abuse patients for capitalist gain. But all those taking a stand are paying a dire price for their personal convictions.

Let’s not forget that if the truth does not prevail, then neither does liberty. Patrick Henry could just as well have said, “Give me truth, or give me death,” since truth must be hidden for liberty to fail.

As Jesus Himself told the Jews who believed Him, “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:31-2).

Herein is the key to our victory over every evil: become a student of God’s word, and learn the truth. Only a firm foundation will allow us to stand surefooted for truth in medicine. A strong conscience will never allow us to betray our sacred oath for the fleeting ill-gained rewards of sailing on the pirate ship called Malpractice. Never before has such a calling to expound truth been so urgent to so many. Don’t let your remaining time on this earth go to waste. Let’s turn the whirlwind of turmoil into a cyclone of truth. Always speak the facts boldly!