Are We in a Post-pandemic Era? Not So Fast!

England’s Prime Minister just set a fine example for the rest of the world to follow by completely ending all COVID protocols and restrictions. Did we hear him right? A stunned world reacted favorably, but not without suspicion. Everybody’s asking what’s going on? The answer? No one knows for sure. Call me a skeptic on this one, but I’m not buying it.

Boris Johnson, whose real name is Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is allegedly the son of a known globalist sympathizer. His father, Stanley Johnson, received accolades from Greenpeace for his environmentalist efforts, and he is said to have some interest in population control. Although Prime Minister Johnson represents the Conservative Party of Britain, the former writer/journalist, London mayor, and foreign secretary in the Queen’s service is a conundrum. Loved by some, hated by others, most people still do not know the real Boris Johnson and what he truly stands for in the broad scheme of life. He is certainly a right-leaning populist, and this may have played into his recent move to stop England’s Coronamania. Nonetheless, he did directly cause a great deal of suffering and distress across England by his executive orders. He has shown the world that he can play hardball if and when he chooses.

After himself being infected with the novel coronavirus, Boris Johnson declared in no uncertain terms what “must” be done in the face of a pandemic. He ordered masking, lockdowns, and vaccine passports. The economy stagnated, and the masses grew ever more angry and restless.

For a man who won the election on a populist platform, this doesn’t look good. Especially when he himself was callously derelict of his own mandates when found partying freely with no regard for his own decrees. Especially when he is seeking reelection. Especially when all the COVID protocols have been completely ineffective at containing the pandemic. And let’s not deny the millions of injuries and thousands of deaths caused by the lockdowns and COVID jab.

The surreptitious COVID politics also leave the world to wonder why Boris chose now to end it all. If it was a political move, it may serve him well personally. But we must not be so naïve as to believe he will not resume the tyranny again, at the drop of a new virus. That’s what concerns me.

The words of the great fraud and self-acclaimed patron saint of science, Tony Fauci, recently asserted that we are only in phase one of a 5-stage pandemic. He declared that the first stage to be “where the world is very negatively affected.” That’s interesting. Nowhere are these stages to be found in the medical literature. Another Fauci fabrication. You know, make it up as you go. Subsequent phases include deceleration, control, elimination, and eradication—according to lord Fauci. That means, after two years, we’re still just in the beginning of this madness. Really?

We should also remember that when Fauci predicted in 2017 the coming of a pandemic, he mentioned that the COVID pandemic would be likely only the first wave of a number of pandemics. The innuendo was that more havoc is to come. How can anyone predict when a pandemic will strike, unless it is manmade? Doesn’t this raise suspicion in anyone’s mind? Add to this the gain-of-function research that Fauci has been pursuing with Ebola in monkeys, the recent hemorrhagic fever outbreak in China (just in time for the Olympics), and the recent “accident” in Pennsylvania resulting in the release of 100 infected monkeys. Is this just all coincidence?

Some very suspicious recent activity in Chinese laboratories should grab our attention, but it hasn’t yet jarred us. A few physicians and scientists are discussing the little evidence we now have at hand. Whether this hemorrhagic fever outbreak is caused by the Marburg virus or the Ebola virus isn’t known for sure. Take your pick. Both are dangerous viruses. Marburg is another mRNA virus that can spread from animals to humans, and person to person. The largest outbreak known to date occurred in Angola in 2004, where only 250 people were infected; but the fatality rate was about 90 percent. The World Health Organization classified the virus as a Group Four biological threat, the highest category.

Of course, we have lots of other potential bioweapons in the repertoire of the Chinese virus manufacturing labs. Hantavirus is a flu-like virus spread by rodents to humans by aerosolization. It rapidly progresses, causing severe pulmonary syndrome and other heart problems. But why list all the possibilities? The fact is that when a virus is genetically manipulated in a weaponized bio-lab such as in Wuhan, it becomes like a box of chocolates—you never know what you’re going to get—to quote from the movie, Forest Gump.

A biosynthetic, ramped-up virus doesn’t behave in the same way as its wild-type variant. When the genetic code is modified, the effects of the virus change. We have seen the dangers of this phenomenon with SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins that cause multi-organ damage. What new genetic sequences will be spliced into the genome of future virus bioweapons? Use your imagination.

This is why I don’t trust Boris Johnson. He’s frankly a politician with a checkered past. He has already played the tyrant cards, and he could easily do it again the next time he is tested. That time may not be far away. The fear of the unknown—and using your imagination—is what caused the world to comply with all the inhumane mandates that continue to plague much of the world today.

For a global politic to be effective, the world must be forced into submission. The recent pandemic response did just that. It proved highly successful in promoting the Great Reset, or One World Order, that billionaire elites hope to achieve.

For that reason, I’ve no doubt they will do it again. Despite all the evidence of sordid manipulation and genocidal intent, Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci are still in power. They continue to exude lies and propaganda. We are a brain-dull people who have allowed this to happen. And our rogue government will continue to shove it all down our throats until we finally decide to stop believing the lies and fight back.

Whether or not we will soon be rid of the present pandemic is moot. What’s guaranteed is that more tyranny is yet to come. Leftists are desperate to see through their sinister plan. From the beginning, I have fought it and done everything possible to expose it. Many good people across the planet are now speaking up and crying out for freedom. When we stop making noise and start taking meaningful action as freedom-loving patriots, things will change. Not before. To be sure, a red storm is rising. But will it be soon enough? Only God knows. But “unless the LORD guards a city, the watchman stays awake in vain” (Psalm 127:1). Ye be warned!