Dr. Seuss’s Horton the Elephant is America’s Moment to Shine

Looking back on events of a past year always has been fun in the course of an ordinary life. But life is now extraordinary, regardless of what angle you view it. I’ve been straining my brain to recall anything good that has happened in 2021. Now, mind you, I’ve always been an optimist and a glass-half-full kind of guy. But I must admit that the bad far outweighs the good this past year. This calls for a special kind of New Year’s resolution—perhaps a revolutionary one. Maybe, just maybe, the storm is about to break.

As a nation, we have suffered greatly this year, but not as badly as some other nations. People with power have been most unkind. Perhaps that’s the understatement of the year. The whole world seemingly has gone mad. In fact, things have gotten so bad that, as I sit here writing to you, I feel guilty at the slightest thought of bringing all those horrible events to mind. Somebody has to be kind. I was reminded of this fact by my one-year-old grandson just this morning. He already loves books, and he insists that I read each book at least a dozen times before seeking another. 

Today he brought me Dr. Seuss’s You Are Kind bookfeaturing HORTON the ELEPHANT. What powerful words were scripted on those pages! Without any exaggeration, I propose that every American purchase this toddler book and read it daily for the next decade (right after you finish reading the Bible). Its lessons are incredibly brief and simple, yet mighty and well-suited for our times. Summarized, kindness means listening, problem-solving, standing for what’s right, and realizing that everyone matters. Being kind means “you protect those who need it, no matter how small,” regardless of the obstacles you may have to face. It’s a book about character.

Face it, a good character is better than a good reputation. Any villainous foe can tarnish your reputation, but nobody can take away your character. It’s who you are. My only critique of the book is that it was manufactured in China. (We must stop feeding the enemy.)

These are the kind of books children should be reading. A virtuous book develops good thoughts and puts into their heads upstanding principles. Of course, as parents and grandparents, we need to take Dr. Seuss a step further, and explain to our children the reason why we must overcome our instinctive human nature to be selfish and greedy, and mean. We were created in God’s image. We must allow the Potter to mold the clay. To the degree that we succeed in doing this, we find that “the rewards can be unexpected and priceless,” to quote Dr. Seuss once more.

But that’s not the end of the story; in fact, it’s only the beginning. I do wish that life was as simple as a Dr. Seuss tale. As we outgrow the toddler stage, however, we soon find that listening is hard work, and problem-solving isn’t always easy. How far do we go in protecting those who need it? Just what does it mean to stand up for what is right because everyone matters? As we begin to question the how and why of being kind, suddenly, things can get rather complex. So complex that it takes a God to direct our path. That’s why I suggest reading the Bible before Dr. Seuss. In doctor’s speak, I’d say the Bible is the true standard of “care.” When we care about each other in the same way God cares for us, we never give up even when things look impossible, and a goal seems unreachable.

That’s exactly what’s on my mind as I once again ponder a fitting New Year’s resolution. Would you contemplate with me and see if you agree? Never before have I so detested a year as I have 2021, and never have I so greatly anticipated as now the coming of the new year.

Although the entire world is being stripped of basic human rights, we do see glimmers of hope, especially here in the once-upon-a-time Land of the Free. The full force of tyranny has not yet prevailed against the spirit of freedom-loving humanity, despite seemingly impossible odds.

In America, a Red tsunami is slowly but steadily rising. We can feel it. The Dems know it. Looking into the faces of patriots far and near, I see a new resolve. When we do choose to act, the cowardly oppressors fear us immensely.

In the dark recesses of their rudimentary souls, they know they are challenging a hot and angry Lord who hears the groaning and cries of His afflicted people. But pride and boastfulness do effectively blind these despots to the certainty of their own doom. Usually, a New Year’s resolution is personal and not widely shared. But this year should be different. I propose that we, as faithful American patriots, here and now, resolve to become the revolution that overthrows the dark forces in our land. Let’s determine to shed some light in our world through obedience to the Standard of Care.

Only you can decide what it means to be kind. To protect those who need it. To stand up for what is right. And to teach that everyone matters. Only you can listen to God and respond with intent purpose. But it takes a backbone, a resolution of endless determination. Kindness in an age of darkness can cost us something, but it can also redeem a weary world from much suffering—and that’s a revolutionary resolution worth considering. Let’s do it! May each and every one of you be blessed with a truly happy, prosperous, and meaningful New Year! For these are the very things our enemy seeks to steal from us.