It’s Time We Stop Feeding the Enemy!

The coup against America proceeds in all its squalor. Restoring freedom will demand higher stakes from each of us with every passing day. Discerning the elusive enemy in this war has been challenging, but the sources can be all disclosed by perusing the actions of Globalist-Democrats, sponsored by the infamous CCP, Big Pharma, and billionaire elites. Have we not yet approached that moment when we should re-evaluate all the ways we empower those who seek to terminate or enslave us?

In my weaker moments of character, I have found myself growing progressively intolerant of those who claim to fight for the Constitution and who snort at all the government bullying, but who also continue to aid and abet the enemy. Why do we do it? Okay, let grace abound. Still, I strive to uphold a personal standard. For example, when recently accompanying my wife to HomeGoods, I insisted on not purchasing anything “made in China.” Don’t get me wrong. I love the Chinese people. In fact, I love all races and cultures. But who benefits from my purchases from China? Not oppressed people working in slave labor shops. Likely the Communist regime reaps the harvest, as do American vendors who have forsaken American workers. President Trump had the right idea—America first!

Sometimes the offenses hit close to home. A recent fellow Frontline Doctor suggested falsifying vaccine cards to get into a few NY restaurants where Communism is now actively practiced. I wasn’t silent on the atrocity. Falsifying vaccine cards is playing right into the enemy’s hands. The right thing to do is dine just outside the restaurants! Dress warm, bring a portable heater, and fight this assault on freedom.

Don’t patronize government-submissive restaurants and stores with your hard-earned money. To do so is to give consent to the real domestic insurrection, to feed the enemy.

Now let’s get even closer to home. I’m on Twitter again, at the prodding of one I admire and trust. But is this not colluding with the enemy? Twitter is a Communist platform. Although I’m paying nothing for its use, yet I’m directly supporting an enemy of freedom. The service is horrible. I’ve been personally censored on Twitter. Twitter Jack was permanently banned by President Donald Trump. More recently Marjorie Taylor Greene was shunned, as were great patriots including Sidney Powell, Michael Flynn, Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, and others. Twitter stands for all that I oppose, and yet I use Twitter. Yes, I am disgusted with myself, feeling like a traitor and hypocrite. The new Truth Social media platform is scheduled to debut next month. Maybe it’s time to say sayonara to the Twit Monster. Scratch that—not maybe.

In a few days, I’ll be speaking at the Freedom Doctor’s Conference in Texas. That means about 22 hours of driving, of course. I’ve still not masked outside of a surgical suite. Call it principle. I refused to follow the pseudoscience of masking, and it cost me my medical license, my livelihood, and worst of all, involuntary patient abandonment. Every time we mask, we pay homage to the enemy. I know, that’s a very bold statement, and I understand that flying is the only option for so many people who must travel frequently or have time constraints. So they choose to mask. Selective compromise for convenience—or even necessity—is still feeding the enemy. Is it not?

If a moral to this story exists, it is that we must do everything within our reasonable power (any perhaps beyond) to deprive the enemy of applause, resources, and support of any kind, if we hope to defeat our foe. How many “good” conservatives will ride the shirttails of those who don the armor and fight the frontline battles for them? The good Lord said, “He who is not with Me is against Me, and he who does not gather with me scatters abroad” (Matthew 12:30). America needs gatherers. America needs honest and uncompromising truth warriors! America needs patriots who are willing to fight. Really fight!

The tide could be turning. A roused conscience is getting to many. Look at Nevada’s moderate Democrats who recently jumped ship after Socialists took all the seats. (No, we have not yet defeated election fraud!) House Representative Ed Perlmutter (D-CO) is the 26th House Democrat to retire at the end of this term. Truth is its own reinforcer of justice. This is a good sign. But it’s not the full solution.

All patriotic Americans need to start acting like true Patriots. Freedom’s death knell is growing louder because we have yet to take on the wicked domestic enemy in earnest. If we fail to take back our liberty, the guilt and shame rest upon our own heads. Boycotting, protesting, and sharing our grievances on social media all have their place. But these will not stop voter fraud. They will never restore the one nation under God that is absolutely essential to sustaining a constitutional republic. Even personal kindness and mutual respect will not suffice to rebuild a free America. It’s only wishful thinking. When tyranny gains a stronghold in a free land, we have only one option remaining. We must destroy the tyrant. This shows respect to those who cannot defend themselves. It shows kindness to the genuinely good, freedom-loving people of the world.

What America needs right now is a mighty army of righteous warriors, guided by the truth that comes from God, an army that is determined to gather and destroy voter fraud, Fauci’s genocide, and the prevailing government insurgents who bear the fruit of antichrist in all their saying and doing.

It’s already been declared. We will not vote ourselves out of this mess. We cannot persuade this enemy with righteous words. Our sin of complacency is destroying America. We do still have the tools of the freedom trade at our disposal, if we ever choose to use them. What tools? Prayer. The Bible and spreading the gospel like we mean it. A Constitution and a Bill of Rights. Weapons of the spirit, and weapons of war. The Second Amendment was written for a time such as ours. Don’t think our opponent doesn’t understand this fact—and fears it greatly!

When the current chapter of American history is written, we will read about two sides: Those who did what they could, and those who didn’t. Those who gathered with the righteous, and those who scattered abroad. Those who stood, and those who sat. Are you really satisfied with the side you’ve chosen? To thine own self be true! And most of all, to our good and mighty God be true!