Masking can’t hurt, Right? How about Experimental Vaccines?

If you’re lucky enough to be among the few people who follow a guiding light of honesty and truth, you may not consider yourself all that lucky. Swimming against the current is tough work. In fact, choosing to do the right thing, the reasonable thing, the honest thing, can be absolute torture in a Mad Hatter’s world where right is considered wrong. Welcome to the universe, and yes, that includes America. Is anyone else scratching their heads, asking, “How did this happen?” The infiltration of moral decay over the past several decades seemed quite boringly insidious, at least until the past year or two. We’ve now reached a point where we must ask, is a virtuous life even a consideration anymore? I want to know, how did this happen?

The most important lessons in life are best taught before peer pressure becomes an issue for growing children. This is the very reason that parents who wish to instill good values in their kids begin teaching moral principles such as kindness, honesty, generosity, compassion, faithfulness, and love at a time and place where these virtues are still unchallenged. (No, I didn’t learn everything I needed to know in kindergarten.) Personal values are what make up character, and once ingrained, they are more apt to be practiced throughout life, at least in theory.

Real-life teaches us some hard lessons, however. One such lesson is that an unfortunate abundance of deviant pathways exists along the straight and narrow road. Many people take wrong turns, never to return. As time passes, it seems the morally astute become a minority group. But isn’t that the way it has always been? Compromise is such an easy thing to do. If you disagree, just run for a political office. This is precisely why some people elect never to become politicians. Politics demands give and take. But let’s be honest, it doesn’t take a politician to become crafty and devious. Many of us have willingly sacrificed our core values for the sake of being accepted or popular. Peer pressure is strong. Winning friends has its own price in the moral arena. You know, like when someone curses, and you hide your feelings of being offended. Or when a lie is told, and you say nothing to reveal it because you don’t want to cause a scene or embarrass anyone.

Intuitively, our degree of compromise is directly proportional to the severity of “punishment” or reprisal we expect to receive if we opt to do the right, good, or even logical thing.

That’s why so many people wear masks in public; not from conviction, but from fear of repercussions. Awe, come on! Compromising on such little things as masking can’t hurt, right? Wrong! Every time we allow concessions against our baseline value system, the bar of expectation is lowered a bit. And so jumping the hurdle gradually becomes easier with each capitulation. That’s how we got ourselves into this mess.

We may have had the best moral instruction as children. But virtues not practiced become virtues forgotten. As time went on, surrendering values became the norm because we conditioned (brainwashed) ourselves to submit under the weight of evil’s gravitational force. Our will to resist steadily weakened, until eventually, doing wrong actually seemed right. When baited long enough, the bait became our mainstay. Being hooked by the enticing lure of empty promises has become the source of our undoing. Even if we wanted to resist, we now feel ultimately powerless to choose right over wrong. When the evil ruling class takes hold of our psyche, returning to the higher ground seems not even an option. Operant conditioning is the enemy of voluntary behavior. But it certainly isn’t the end of the story.

Thank God for the power of the human spirit. Fortunately, we do have the ability to re-route the wires of our brain if we so choose. The science of neuroplasticity proves it. We do have the ability to reshape the way we think. Rewiring the brain is actually called repentance. The Greek language defines repentance as “a changing of one’s mind.” Given all the propaganda and indoctrination we’ve been fed in recent years, I’d say we are in dire need of some repentance.

Some of us have been conditioned to believe that all viruses are psychopathic killers. Not so. Many still believe the gene-manipulating shot is an experimental vaccine when it is neither experimental nor a vaccine. Do you really believe the CDC has your good health in mind when it posts guidelines? If so, you have demonstrated the wonders of another branch of neuroscience called brainwashing.

Let us now convince our brains that Uncle Sam still wants you, but he is now recruiting you for a suicide mission. Your government is calling you to play a part in the greatest crime ever committed against mankind. Some people are refusing to comply with COVID tyranny because it is wrong. Despite all the brain manipulation, some doctors, lawyers, business owners, parents, and even children have decided that the values once instilled in them still reign in their lives. The remaining majority who have succumbed to peer pressure and threats of persecution would do well to rethink their actions and their attitudes of right and wrong. But don’t stop there. Robbing people of life and liberty is now called right—a sacrifice for the greater good. Anyone who has bought into this lie is in serious need of repentance. Doing the right thing at a time when right is called wrong, and good is called evil, demands a higher motive.

Throughout the entire New Testament Bible, we are admonished to “have the mind of Christ” (1 Corinthians 2:16). This neuroplasticity liberates us from the power of sin. When we reconfigure our brain synapses (brain cell connections) by choosing to do right according to God’s righteous standard, we reap the best rewards of life, liberty, and happiness. Even persecution cannot remove the life-giving boost that comes with choosing to do right. Righteousness is truly its own reward. That’s the beauty of staying on the path of righteousness in an upside-down world. It doesn’t mean you never feel alone on the journey; nor does it guarantee any safe passage in an evil society. In fact, the only price that is more costly than that of freedom is the price of Christian discipleship. Righteous living is also the only way to have any assurance of living in a free country. My simple prayer is that all who disagree would change their mind.