God-given Individual Human Rights or Slaves of a Global Empire

We are now beginning a year that will determine whether we are free to enjoy our God-given individual human rights or live out the rest of our days as slaves of a global empire. Some of us are determined to do whatever it takes to restore our elected Executive and Legislative branches of government, and to reconstruct a system of true justice in the Judicial Branch. But we face incredible odds. The indecisive and lackadaisical majority will need to make a critical choice, to join the fight or to surrender our liberty to demonic forces in government.

The list of constitutional violations is rapidly mounting, and we are beginning to feel the pain. How much more abuse are we willing to take before deciding we’ve had enough? We need to analyze just what kind of tyrant we’re fighting, and then ask ourselves what we really mean when we avow a willingness to fight for our Constitution. The four elements of national conflict must all be present to emerge victorious over the diabolical government mob attacking us. We must not abandon our nation at its time of greatest need. We must not fail to take back our free republic. The year 2022 is the year that will expose America’s soul, and before the year ends, we will know just what kind of stuff we’re made of, for better or worse.

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