Attorney Files Crimes Against Humanity Against Fauci, Gates & Schwab

While Canada’s truckers have led the way to oppose oppressive illegal mandates, the megalomaniacs who have implemented the “Great Reset” (or One World Order) are being taken to task in the International Criminal Court (ICC). Thanks to the bravado of Attorney Hannah Rose and seven other advocates for justice, the kingpins of the New Holocaust committee, which include Anthony Fauci, Bill and Melinda Gates, Peter Daszak, Klaus Schwab, and eleven others, justice may one day be restored. Whereas state actors of nations complicit in this global crime ring have elected for dereliction of duty, the ICC has interceded on behalf of the millions of victims of these crimes against humanity.

All criminals indicted for the recent war crimes/crimes against humanity have played a strategic role in the World Economic Forum (WEF), and all have violated rules of the Nuremberg Code. The Code was written to ensure that the atrocities committed in Nazi Germany would never be repeated. It was a means of holding accountable all persons who commit crimes against humanity, regardless of how wealthy or powerful. Unfortunately, it failed in its mission. The second holocaust is still underway, and the damage to humanity already far exceeds the Jewish Holocaust in tragic consequences, difficult as that is to imagine.

In the loosest sense, one might consider the Covid-19 vaccination program to be an experimental vaccine, but the fact remains that the genetically manufactured mRNA inoculation has not a single property consistent with a true vaccine. It does not prevent infection; it does not confer immunity, and it does not prevent transmission of the virus.

Likewise, this manmade gene sequence cannot be properly called gene therapy. It has no therapeutic benefit, as the world has recently discovered. Consider that this injection weakens the immune system, magnifies subsequent viral infection symptoms, increases the risk of cancer, causes blood clots, strokes, catastrophic heart failure, paralysis, infertility, spontaneous abortions, dementia, chronic fatigue, skin disease, multi-organ inflammation, and death. These are far from therapeutic benefits. They are adverse events, bad side effects, that can quickly destroy your life—or end it. Thus, we who dare to investigate science with integrity can in no way consider it even “an experimental drug,” other than being an experiment in genocide.

Klaus Schwab, President of the WEF, has seized upon this opportunity to implement his One Government fantasy, in cahoots with the leading vaccine corporations, the World Health Organization, and all other minion agencies. That would include just about every U.S. government agency under the current Globalist rule. The Obama-Biden administration is directly involved in this Reset game that has greatly expanded the riches of the wealthy and further impoverished the poor. The middle class is fading. Millions of people have suffered and died under this stealth operation whose modus operandi includes fear, confusion, deception, censorship, threats, and oppression. The combined morbidity and mortality associated with this planned pandemic is immeasurable. We have no way of calculating the total damage. We do know it is colossal.

The sting was well planned, well funded, and well supported by social media, technocrats, and power-hungry leaders who have no fear of God and no conscience whatsoever. These are true sociopaths who are incapable of understanding such human emotions as love, compassion, remorse, empathy, or loyalty to any person.

They would just as soon devour one another as anyone else, if only to promote their lethal cause. They serve the devil himself, being experts in theft, murder, and destruction. The Bible, Torah,  Constitution, Bill of Rights, and virtue have no bearing on their thoughts, words, and actions. Every day is another opportunity to conquer and divide. Each sunrise brings a new chance to parasitize their fellow man for money and power. All other humans are expendable, and their demise is essential to their population control plan.

Those with actual grueling life experiences, the Holocaust survivors of World War II, recognize immediately what is now playing out. They assert, “We, the survivors of the atrocities committed against humanity during the Second World War [recognize that] another holocaust of greater magnitude is taking place before our eyes. We call upon you to stop this ungodly medical experiment on humankind immediately.” They most vehemently call for another Nuremberg trial. And they are right in every sense, except that this is truly not an experiment; it is an intentional slaughter of inordinate proportions. Never before has such widespread devastation been recorded since the flood of Noah’s day.

Perhaps one of my greatest laments as a physician is that virtually the entire medical profession has participated in this systematic annihilation. Doctors have betrayed their oaths en masse and have actively promoted and participated in the killing. They know what they are doing, and yet they somehow justify their actions. They are in league with the Nazi doctors who brutally slaughtered their millions. Not only are their hands covered with blood, but they bathe in a bloodbath.

While the International Criminal Court is considered a court of last resort, it certainly has jurisdiction in this mass genocide, where the criminals include heads of state such as Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Puppet Joe Biden, Xi Jinping, and some billionaire elites. If the ICC does its job, these criminals will be brought to justice. They will have their day in court, and they will be prosecuted. Even if sentenced to capital punishment, their judgment will not cancel the devastation they have sown. But then comes God.

Meanwhile, the people who do all the living, working, and dying in our land need to reach a point where we can see clearly the genocide taking place so that we can do something about it. We must commit to ferreting out every derelict weasel participating in this deadly game, knowing that we, too, will be held accountable by the Judge of judges one day. I have committed to doing my part in exposing this evil, and I remain dedicated to standing in the gap for all who, for one reason or another, will not. Doing right may not be easy, but it’s the thing to do. We still have a chance to stand on the right side of history and the right side of God. Let’s not waste a golden opportunity. We can still reclaim America!