The Goal to Dismantle the Constitution is Underway

As our God-given human rights continue to be attacked in America, we are faced with a sober choice: we can either comply or resist. If we choose to resist, that resistance must be an all-out offensive against the domestic enemy called government that now aims to fully dismantle the Constitution of the United States of America—to make it nothing more than a useless historical document collecting dust on the shelf. How do they achieve it? They must first cancel the Bill of Rights.

The Fourth Article of the Bill of Rights gives us protection from unwarranted search and seizure, this being paramount to rightful autonomy. Protection against self-condemnation and a repeat trial for the same crime are measures of human dignity and fairness assigned to all. Nobody should be deprived of their right to life, liberty, or property without due process of law. So says the Fifth Article of the Bill of rights. Together these Articles protect us against abuses by the Judicial branch of the federal government, the only branch that has not yet completely sold out to the Leftist plot.

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