The Gong of Freedom’s Bell

The Bill of Rights has been foundational in preventing abuses against individual human rights. If America continues in the path of its new entity as the Home of the Blind, the Constitution will soon become a relic of history. A free republic can never feign loyalty to liberty while paying homage to tyranny through quiet and respectable submission. The voice of freedom commands us to go: to take from the despot what belongs to the people. The commission to the guardians of freedom is very simple, “Do what you must!” And in that doing, respect God, love your fellow man, and pray for the swift justice that sustains the gong of freedom’s bell.

If God-ordained rights can be so easily cast away because we can be stupefied and silenced, then the enemy of our free institution will soon celebrate its windfall. And we the sheep will forever graze among sparse weeds of the servant’s pasture. We will suffer a life worse than death.

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