The Trucker Convoy is a Movement to End the Ponzi Scheme Strangling Our Freedom

The Canadian truckers represented the people of Canada who wanted back their freedom. They played along with the dirty game long enough. They experienced the swath of devastation caused by the lockdowns, the mask of shame, and then the toxic shot that offers no benefit but much harm and possibly death. When these patriots peacefully assembled to petition their government for a redress of grievances—namely, to end the mandates—they were harassed, deprived of their goods, arrested, trampled by horses, and beaten with clubs, by the very police who took an oath to protect them!

They and their fellow Canadian supporters were abused by the government extensively. But they would not back down. That’s when despot Trudeau declared war on his own citizens and froze the assets of all the protesters and all who donated funds to the freedom cause. The police are now actively seeking supporters out and depriving them of their own hard-earned money. Do you think this extortion will be the end of the “punishment?” Will Trudeau desist and come to the light?

And now we have a “Freedom Convoy USA 2022” movement en route to D.C., just in time to join the festivities of Sloppy Joe’s State of the Union address on March 1st. What are they protesting? “End the mandates!” Americans want back their freedom.

The Convoy organizer, Kyle Sefcik, is a Maryland gubernatorial candidate who affirmed, “We are coming peacefully, and we’re going to do this lawfully and constitutionally.” He has given the American people full transparency, if that is still possible in the present state of Communist-like censorship. These trucker convoys seem to be a very effective means of getting the government’s attention. Those rigs are huge, and their blasting horns are not easily ignored. Truckers also tend to be an independent-spirited bunch. You know, the type who don’t tolerate bureaucracy and just want to get the job done. Make no mistake, the trucker convoy is a freedom fight, but still a peaceful one. Those big rigs represent you and me. They are we the people.

So what shall we expect from this motorcade? Biden’s dark priests are already plotting and planning an attack against these liberty advocates, you can be sure. They will use all the tricks in their bag of modern military tactics: propaganda, censorship, supply interdiction, financial assault, arrests for “crimes” of peaceful protest; and what else? Will the D.C. police get rough? Will they align with the cowardly Ottawa Police Department and attack peaceful protesters with pepper spray, batons, tasers, stun guns along with verbal threats? Will protesters join the D.C. gulag prisoners? We will soon find out.

Tweedledum and Tweedledee, the identical twins in the Alice in Wonderland adventure, might readily portray the chief characters in Canada and USA who are attacking the trucker convoys and those who support them. Both Prime Minister Trudeau and Puppet Biden have acted cohesively and in perfect harmony (as though they were twins) to kill the freedom movement. While dictator Trudeau did all he could to cut off the patriotic trucker convoy by invoking the Emergencies Act against good Canadian citizens, Biden’s puppeteer has extended the Covid-19 national emergency. This diabolical duo has pushed hard for the Ponzi scheme strangling our freedom. It needs to be stopped immediately. But will it happen?

Of course, many citizens in both countries will fall for the lawless tactics of both nation leaders. After all, compliance and submission means unrestricted cargo routes and delivery of the goods, right? Maybe gasoline prices will drop, too. And if we all bow to the golden cows, maybe we’ll finally get our lives back. I don’t like to call anyone hopeless, but if you’re still thinking along those lines after already being scammed for two years, your naivety is surpassed only by your ignorance.

What we must never be confused about is the absolute cohesion between Tweedledum and Tweedledee. They are both sworn globalists, both loyal to the CCP, both ruthless sociopaths who delight in tormenting innocent people by whatever means possible. Both are determined to destroy our freedom by collapsing economies, dispiriting the people, and silencing all opposition. If that’s not threat enough to us, both leaders are funded and supported by billionaire tycoons and One World Order leaders whose goal is to introduce the old feudal system, now renamed the Great Reset.

We are now just beginning to feel the pain of their oppression. Prices of everything are skyrocketing, and supplies are dwindling. Do we see any light at the end of the tunnel? Oh, you might answer yes. We do have an election this year. But have we made any meaningful gains against voter fraud?

At very best, the light is dim. Much like Lady Liberty’s freedom torch. I don’t like it. I can feel where this is going. It’s where people have been in our not-so-distant past. The harbingers of human suffering have revealed themselves. Take a look down history lane. When has any group forcing mass compliance ever done the world any good?

The COVID-19 pandemic plot has unlocked the gates of hell. World Economic Forum leaders captured their golden opportunity to open wide those gates. Right alongside the Wuhan bioweapon project, they now fully aim to reset the Global Operating System. It was the perfect storm for evil minds.

The Claude X and Event 201 simulations so closely mirrored the COVID crisis that only a fool could not make the connection of seizing a global totalitarian reset. They aim to finish what they’ve begun. Can they be stopped?

As for me, I side with the Freedom Convoy. I’ll do all I can to stop them. As a Christian, I serve the Lord first and foremost. As a doctor, I have put my patients first. As a military officer, I defend the Constitution. And as a citizen, I am under obligation to fully abide by the Constitution. Therefore, I must agree with candidate Kyle Cefcik. Whatever we do, let’s do this lawfully and constitutionally. But let us never for a moment forget that the Second Amendment is a legitimate part of our Constitution. It is lawful. The globalists would make you feel criminal for even discussing “certain parts” of the Constitution. If we swallow this propaganda bait, we are soon to be an ill-fated chapter in history.

We have an ultimate duty before God to stop oppression, even when our own wayward government is the oppressor. No, especially when our own government is the oppressor. Hitler needed to be stopped. The Tweedledee and Tweedledum dictators also need to be stopped.

Perhaps it can be done peacefully. Let’s keep those big wheels rolling, Freedom Truckers!

And let every American stand beside them, whatever the cost. If an escalated response is necessary, I pray that we will not be the greater cowards submitting to the wusses who fear and flee any real confrontation. We must not ourselves fear being that confrontational force. We won’t have a second chance!