To Mask or not to Mask—that Is the Question

The world seems to be finally awakening to the tyranny of the mandates. Masking is still the primary symbol of submission to a rogue government faction. It is the government’s way of shutting us down. I declared this fact when speaking at a rally in Salem, Oregon, on November 7, 2020. That was the day the Oregon Medical Board (OMB) determined to take me down and make an example of me for speaking the truth so plainly about masking — or so they said.

The elephant in the room that my attackers will never mention is my declaration of having successfully treated COVID-19 patients early. Quick recoveries and total success in treatment didn’t sit well with the corrupt Board. That’s the real reason OMB medical director, Dr. David Farris, had to take me down. That’s why the Board stated, “there is no treatment for the novel SARS-COV-2 coronavirus,” when they sent my notice of “emergency suspension of medical license.” They knew that the gene shot was coming, and it could only be used under emergency use authorization (EUA) if there was no available treatment for COVID. For that reason, they lied to the world. But they claimed the issue was the mask. Nice distraction. And that’s how masking works.

It’s time for a little recap on the mask. Now approaching two years since the pandemic was declared, the mask is still being pushed in many states. What good has the mask done? None at all. Morbidity and mortality rates from COVID were greatest, where the mask compliance was greatest. Some people are finally getting it. Others have been successfully brainwashed and don’t feel comfortable unless wearing a mask. It has become their teddy bear, crutch, and symbol of submission to a rogue government faction. They wear their facial diaper as a badge of honor, thinking they are doing the world some kind of favor.

But now, surprisingly, even some blue states are ending mask mandates, like Massachusetts. But read the fine print. To mask or not to mask will now be determined by individual school districts. What good will terminating a statewide mask mandate do? You’re talking about liberal public schools. Remember? Will they act on behalf of the children’s physical and emotional health? Certainly not! 

Illinois Governor Pritzker just announced an end to indoor mask mandates by the end of February, but not for school kids. Our youth must suffer more abuse. The Virginia Senate just passed a bill to end school mandates in all Virginia schools, and the bill was signed by governor Youngkin. Go figure. This sounds like good news, right? But some schools refused to comply with the order, and a judge blocked Youngkin’s order from taking effect in seven school districts. Think of the stupidity associated with making these kinds of decisions. 

Yes, many other blue and swing states are now reversing their policies on masking. Iowa, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware seek to eliminate school mask mandates. Others will follow. Does this insinuate a reasoning of logical minds? Maybe. Does it forecast an end to all masking? Never! The mask has proven to be too powerful a controller of the people. Masking was an overwhelmingly successful social experiment that revealed just how gullible and spineless are the masses. Tell them it’s for their good health, that it will protect them, and they will comply with anything—forever!

Even Marxist Governor Kate Brown of Oregon, the Queen of Lies, has yielded to pressure from the people. Many Oregonians have had enough of her tyranny. Yet, she holds on to her unconstitutional powers, declaring that indoor masking is still required for those who have not taken the health-damaging, life-threatening jab. She is an evil force who needs to be stopped, along with all her fellow criminal cohorts, including other blighted government agencies such as Oregon Health Authority (an oxymoron), the CDC, and NIH. We mustn’t put a price on the health and freedom of our precious youth.

While the Democrats continue to spout their slogan “Follow the science,” they also continue to ignore the science. The accumulated scientific data has proven beyond doubt that well-designed mask studies did accurately conclude that masking to prevent viral spread is a futile endeavor. Do we have the courage to speak the truth plainly? Masking is stupid!

But that’s only if we’re talking about science. As a weapon to control the masses, masking makes perfectly good sense. It shuts down us down in so many ways. No communication, no expression of emotions, no social interaction. It isolates us. It generates fear. It conjures in the mind the dangerous fallacy that “something is very wrong, and we must do our duty to make it right.” But the something is never identified.

The symbol that hides the face, one’s identity, and all facial expressions, has already done its damage. It has likely permanently handicapped infants and toddlers abused by masking. It has caused unprecedented anxiety and depression in children and many adults. Wearing a soiled mask all day has contributed to increased viral and bacterial infections, and has hampered free communication in all social sectors. Nothing will undo this damage already done. Much illness, numerous suicides, and countless infectious disease deaths were fostered by wearing the mask of shame.

Now, despite the science, despite suffering and fearful children, despite patent protests, and despite the fact that Democrats themselves ignore their own mandates while insisting compliance from all others, these tyrants are still eager to double down on the mandates. See the picture being painted: the mask does horrible psychological damage. It divides families, delays child development, socially isolates us all, and silences the people. The gain-of-function jab does the rest of the damage. It causes insidious but certain physical damage. It destroys your health, lowers your immunity, damages vital organs, likely causes infertility, causes abortions, and promotes cancer. Psychological and physical health—attacked!

The fact is, we have a decision to make. Do we mask, or do we not? Once the psychological operation is destroyed, the “vaccine” mandates are powerless. To mask, or not to mask, that is the question we all must answer. Imagine if everyone boarding a plane just said no to the mask. Would they abort the flight? What if it happened a second time? How would the airlines respond? When will the mask mandate go away? You can be sure the mask of tyranny and shame is here to stay for as long as we tolerate it and, in all cowardice, bow to these weasels who seek to enforce compliance.

We’ve another election on the horizon. The so-called Democrat Party knows its future is grim. They fear us. This is why they will continue pushing the mandates. The masks will hide faces of voter frauds who will again seek to do their dirty work in mid-term elections. Now is the time to remove the mask. The mask of shame must go forever!

It’s time for every one of us to stop behaving like blind sheep and to act like free and patriotic Americans. It’s time to obey God once again and to disobey ruthless dictators. It’s time to use the brains that God gave us to reason and think for ourselves. When we do that, the questions that seem so confusing are quickly answered. The mask comes off. The gene pokes stop. Government again fears the people, and a free republic government by the people and for the people is restored. Don’t be caught feeding your enemy. Take off the mask forever!