Will a Grassroots Movement of Truckers Stop the Crime of All Ages?

Government overreach is always a test of the people’s will. And the people have had enough! Who would have imagined that a convoy of patriotic truckers would counter an assault against criminal dictators and send the likes of Justin Trudeau into their own political quarantine? What doctors and lawyers and scientists could not do, truck drivers have done. Their bold action has inspired the world.

The propaganda war being waged by the oppressive Leftist government faction had done immeasurable damage to the world’s economy, health, and psyche. As never before witnessed in world history, globalist criminals used the Wuhan biowarfare project to bring the world to its knees. The rich became richer, and the poor got poorer. Millions have perished. They died of starvation from the lockdowns. They succumbed to being refused early treatment. In desperation, they sought hospital care and died from lethal NIH protocols. Big Pharma pushed its money-maker inoculation through with ease, having invested in full ownership of the CDC, WHO, NIAID, and of course the holy man of biowarfare, Saint Fauci of Wuhan.

While Bill Gates and the CCP harvested their golden egg, the world suffered immensely. The gene shot has killed thousands and injured more than a million people in the U.S. alone. Worldwide, tragedy has been the mainstay since the Wuhan virus and follow-on jab were ruthlessly unleashed.

While the masses were forced to comply with mandates to lock down, cover the face, take the “cure shot,” and drink the kool-aid, the globalist Pharisees were caught doing just whatever they wished. Staged camera shots didn’t go over well when candid photos of their self-excused liberty were publicly revealed. Given the severity of this oppression, the elitist hypocrisy didn’t go over well. The do-as-I-say doctrine fueled a fit of rising anger among the peasant hoards until someone finally acted.

Let’s be clear. Exposing the best scientific data did nothing to clarify the COVID issues. Doctors and scientists who dared speak truth plainly and honestly were harshly censored, canceled, and ridiculed as being nothing but fringe quacks. No discussion of scientific evidence was welcome. No opposing arguments were allowed. While the lying frauds told us to follow the science, they wholeheartedly endorsed the pseudoscience. The grave mistake of these “econocrats” and technocrats was in their assumption that the feudal system they sought to deploy was a guarantee. Just keep the masses afraid and confused, and they can be easily controlled. Yes, it’s all about control. Keep that in mind.

Just when we thought the world was imploding due to government mandates, someone said no. The Canadian truckers decided they would be regulated no more. And so they organized as one body, forsaking woke compromise, and started a convoy. This sort of unity without compromise was noticed by the world, and the world suddenly felt hope.

Freedom bells began to ring again. And now the global disgrace of all time is being opposed in a way that nobody has done before. This is boots on the ground, a force to be reckoned with, people now controlling a wayward government. And see what has happened. The cocky weasel Trudeau has scampered into his remote little hole. These patriots have been recognized by the world. Funding and material support are pouring in to bolster the determined convoy. Will this movement succeed? I believe it certainly can. Here’s why.

When thousands of truckers drove to Ottawa, they crippled a portion of the supply chain that the nation depends on to exist. Supplies already have dwindled significantly because of the illegal jab mandates that have stifled supply lines. So, there’s nothing new here. Except that the movement put the nation’s prime minister into hiding. He claims to have COVID (despite proudly alleging to have taken the “safe and effective” vaccines, and just recently the booster). Could he not have quarantined at home in his Ottawa residence? After all, no one asked him to leave. This sudden turn of events has a dramatic effect on the political elitists looking on. What’s just happened to Trudeau? He has been shut down. He has received a mandate from the people: stop the mandates! It’s almost as if the people are insisting that politicians work for them, represent them. Not vice versa. What could induce more fear into a dictator’s heart? And, after all, did not these globalist dictators show us how well fear works? In effect, the truckers are fighting fear with fear; much like fighting fire with fire. It works.

If this trucker movement spreads—and we all hope it does—then the most sinister plot of all time could be quickly shut down. This tactical move by our Canadian patriots could trigger a strategy to destroy the Global Reset.

A U.S. convoy is now being planned. But not until after Super Bowl Sunday, when thousands will assemble in close proximity at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles for the sports event. Let’s see what happens and who shows up. Masks are required to enter the stadium. Will people comply? This is a great opportunity to take a grand stand for freedom. Masks don’t work. But Holly Mitchell, chair of the L.A. County Board of Supervisors, insists on perpetuating the lie. She claims that wearing masks at the game will help “keep ourselves and our community of fellow attendees at the stadium safer.” Sort of like “safer sex.” More pseudoscience. This is what we’re fighting—lies, corruption, and hypocrisy.

To be sure, the trucker movement will grow. All eyes are on Ottawa as the entrenched truckers face-off with the rogue political regime. Will the military intervene? What do you predict as the final outcome? This standoff will likely decide the strength of other convoys. One thing we are seeing more clearly. Freedom comes at a price, and it must always be guarded with constant vigilance.

Global fear has done its damage. And now a grassroots patriot movement has begun. Will it succeed in shutting down the mandate tyranny? I’m confident it will. When we the people decide to fight back, momentum grows quickly. Greedy, power-hungry elites are nothing but cowards at heart. Trudeau has nicely demonstrated this fact. Now, all we need to do is keep on trucking!