Government Using Big Tech Misinformation Label to Spawn Their Lies

We know we have reached the tipping point when Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland appears more realistic than looking at life through the looking glass of U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy. This poor government misfit seems a few horsepowers behind the power curve with his recent request for COVID-19 “misinformation” from Big Tech companies, community organizations, and healthcare providers. It’s like the pesticide-sprayed flea circus claiming, “The show must go on!” C’mon, man! It’s time to fess up.

The irony of ironies is that Murthy makes an extraordinarily true statement: “Misinformation has had a profound impact on COVID-19 and our response.” As a leading liar, Vivek Murthy, without ever clearly defining the word misinformation, called all references to factual COVID data an “urgent threat” that apparently justified his appeal for harsh censorship of accurate scientific data on all major social media platforms. Of course, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and many other tainted platforms were all too eager to oblige the deception. Consequently, the unenlightened public suffered the wrath of that urgent threat being hidden.

Under the guise of the NIH hospital protocol, many misinformed patients entered the hospital—or any building but the morgue—for the last time, not realizing that their lives would be snuffed out by criminally woke doctors who would “treat” them with remdesivir and other toxic or ineffective therapies that favored their demise. Blessed were those who were refused early treatment, told to quarantine, but whose natural immunity suppressed their untreated viral illness. At least they are still among the living.

All the “fact” checking somehow failed to disclose everything we now know about the Wuhan bioweapon experiment that has plagued the world through it’s mass genocide. Yes, Dr. Murthy, your misinformation truly has had a profound impact on COVID-19 and the Big Pharma-guided government response. But now the world knows.

It knows the genetically-modified virus was released from the Wuhan lab, that the misnamed “vaccine” is a toxic, dangerous gene injection that serves no medicinal purpose whatsoever but only hastens more spike protein damage. We have observed the many deaths from the jab, and its millions of induced injuries. And now the Pfizer safety data has been dumped in our laps, confirming the shocking carnage that we have observed in those victims of the “safe and effective” inoculation.

But the story is not yet fully told. We have yet to see the full extent of how much of the world’s youth have been sterilized by the jab. We are still witnessing daily the post-injection fatal cardiac and clot events. We have yet to comprehend the full extent of immunosuppression caused by the phase-2 bioweapon that was never tested, nor legally authorized for emergency use since early COVID treatment is extremely successful.

Dr. Murthy knows all of these harms have been made known to the world. And the world is very angry. Notice how silent the fraud Anthony Fauci has been in recent weeks. Suddenly he is behind an iron curtain, likely planning his next attack on humanity, along with puppies, kittens, and monkeys.

In the field of medicine, pathological conditions are meticulously described. When a person continues to compulsively and recklessly pursue a substance, activity or behavior that is detrimental to self, we call it an addiction. By this definition, the Surgeon General could be said to suffer from a fiction addiction. Despite all the medical evidence, he insists on clinging to the propaganda of pseudoscience. By ignoring such blaring medical evidence and calling it misinformation, he suffers himself to be a buffoon, a miserable clown, a quack who has infiltrated the medical profession.

As with the heroin addict, he will justify his self-injurious pursuit at all cost. In a final act of sheer desperation, he still clings to the debunked narrative that the vaccine is safe and effective, that masking does good like medicine, that social distancing should be practiced even if under a nuclear attack. In his feeble mind, he feels he knows best as the chosen one of the Biden cirque.

Although many would call the Surgeon General a general idiot, we ought to show compassion on such a stranger to truth. This poor soul has lost all credibility. Unbeknownst to him, he mocks himself. His words are like the wind, and his wisdom a vacuum. Not even remotely able to see his folly, this man’s addiction to science fiction goes untreated. His unrighteousness does nothing to exalt our nation, nor himself; He is a pitiful reproach to the American people. The proverb, “Physician, heal thyself!” applies.

But just how does one treat a Surgeon General’s science fiction addiction? The same as any other: begin by telling him the truth, and repeat it until the truth sets him free. Dear Dr. Murthy, to thine own self, be true!