Here’s How We Win the War Against Transsexualism

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In the upside-down world of political madness where all forms of sexual perversion have been touted as normal free expressions of sexuality — our children’s minds are being destroyed! Parents are left to pick up the pieces when their children are caught in the evil web of these child abusers. This is a story about one parent’s battle to save his child from a life of death and destruction caused by transgenderism.

The LGBTQIA+ movement is hell-bent on devouring as many of our youth as possible. People need to understand that hormone treatment that opposes the genetically-determined sex of a child is a dangerous form of child abuse that has no place in medicine. It destroys the mind and body, and recovery, once the damage is done, is nearly impossible. Parents need to know how to effectively fight this assault against our youth and empower children to make healthy choices that will ensure them a future life of peace, security, and happiness.

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