The CCP-Soviet-US Coalition Is the New Devil’s Triangle

Step aside, Bermuda Triangle. The devil has moved on. In the quest for world domination according to the Klaus Schwab recipe book, the new Devil’s Triangle consists of a clandestine joint force blending the terrorist leadership of China, Russia, and the United States. Unlikely as it may seem, this diabolical trio has abruptly upended the COVID tyranny in order to allow for the launching of the Great Reset, Phase Two.

If you recall the key components of the Color Revolution Playbook, the conquest game begins with fear, confusion, and a little violence whenever needed. The strategy is really no different than the Phase One assault; only this time, the focus has shifted from a virus to a war. Ukraine is the ideal stage for the play. Now let’s not forget what’s been done to date. Most of the world already has been devastated in some capacity by Phase One. The casualties from lockdowns, masking, and pseudo-vaccines are still stacking up. Millions have died, and people are yet dropping dead daily from the toxic shot. Where will it end? To be sure the COVID crisis may be over, but the fire is still burning.

The beauty of a flawless coup is expressed primarily through its chief weaponry, propaganda. Regardless of the scenario, the strategy is this: create fear, confusion, violence, conquer and divide, then take control. How many germophobes now exist in the world? Which strain of virus will come next? Are families resolving the jabbed/unjabbed conflict yet? En mass, we are primed for obedience at the next level: war… and rumors of war. The war in Ukraine is real. Putin has invaded Ukraine. People are again dying, fearful, confused. Back in the U.S., a wary nation is still choosing sides, yes, dividing. Are you for Ukraine or Russia? Who is the real victim? Who are the chief actors? Let me be bold and suggest that Ukraine likely is not really a major player—the country is more like the playing field, or the chessboard in this ugly game.

Russia and the United States are the direct players, and Communist China is the game moderator. But what is most difficult to see is that all regimes in this triangle are likely on the same team. What evidence, you ask? More than enough. Let’s begin at home. The American Deep State is clearly a bedfellow of China. Biden’s puppeteers have been beholden to China and now execute much of China’s bidding. As a result, China has become an influential world power. On February 4, 2022, China militarily (and somewhat economically) aligned with Russia, seemingly against the United States. Both China and Russia oppose NATO, and both are entwined with globalist elites—all of whom have chummed up since the pandemic began. Xi Jinping is overtly praising them; Putin covertly. Both are behaving in their usual fashion, and both blow a lot of smoke in the deception game.

Meanwhile, our own government thugs continue to do exactly the opposite of what anyone would expect to be done if they had any interest in preserving American sovereignty. It’s like Imposter Obama is still in office. Why would they do this? Because they also support the Great Reset. Evidence? See our porous borders with criminal infiltrators being guided by Mexican cartels. Behold our new effeminate military, or should I say ballet company. Observe how the Obama-Biden camp has defunded police and promoted violent chaos everywhere.

Look at medicine which is now a crime organization. Small business has been all but destroyed while big-chain stores thrive—all so that the economy could be, and has been, quickly and easily crushed. And most egregious of all, genuine American patriots have been criminalized and persecuted at every opportunity. When is the last time you heard a Democrat or RINO appeal to the constitution? They are not crazy. They are evil.

So when a thug regime that came to power through treason tells us what’s happening in Ukraine, we might be wise to question all of it. Putin is not to blame for skyrocketing gas prices. Our Globalist-minded government has done that, while simultaneously pushing electric vehicles (EVs) and other gadgetry of the Green New Deal. Meanwhile, the rich get richer, the middle class vanishes, and the poor are becoming utterly destitute. This “deal” is a big score for the One World Order. The rest of us peons lose big time. All fossil fuels (like patriots) must be condemned to completely break the back of the middle class, and ultimately the American spirit. The final straw in this phase will be completed if a one-world cashless currency is obtained. Any additional distinct currency will sink the dollar’s value. Saudi Arabia has already bought into the plan. Remember that the Great Reset is chiefly a feudal system whereby elites thrive off the sweat of the lowly serfs. In a cashless system, the government fully controls you, and a government-run social credit system can literally bankrupt you at will. They will create as many serfs as they desire.

As world instability that forecasts disaster waxes grand, people will increasingly lose hope. This surrender is very useful in the eyes of the Globalists because hope is the greatest weapon of the human population against such tyranny. Hope must be vanquished. This explains much of what we now see. The multifaceted perversion of Buttigieg is displayed by his lame comment telling Americans to buy electric cars. He knows that for most who have been destroyed by the lockdowns and mandates, this is impossible. They struggle to feed their families, let alone purchase a costly and ecologically damaging battery-driven car. Every move our government makes—whatever action it takes—diminishes the flame of hope for Americans. When that hope is extinguished, then the Globalists will make their critical and final move.

Just what is that critical move? The Russian-Ukraine war is but a distraction. China may benefit from Ukraine’s natural resources, and Russia from a NATO buffer zone. But behind all the fluff is the goal to collapse the American empire.

And who is most guilty of such efforts? The DINOs (Democrats in name only)! They are Globalists. The greatest assault against American rule is… American government. If Americans can be sufficiently exploited, impoverished and dispirited, then our nation can be neutralized and vulnerable to a Communist-styled Globalist takeover. When the time is right, the Phase 3 final takeover will begin.  The “right time” is when all hope fails.

For this reason, hope must not fail us. Do you worry about climate change? Stop wasting your time. The Bible clearly states (Genesis 8:22), “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, and day and night shall not cease.” Plain and simple. Do you still live in fear? Why? If you fear God, you needn’t fear anything man can do. But you must know God to reverently fear Him. Fear cannot rule a godly person. Are you plagued with inaction? Then become a doer of God’s word—a doer of good. Inaction breeds hopelessness. A kind act does just the opposite. And yes, we may have to fight our enemies. Let’s keep exposing evil. And we must never surrender our weapons. Remember that the Constitution itself is a unique gift from God. When we defend it, we are surely doing God’s will.