Will the Tyrants of Transhumanism and Globalism Ever Taste Victory?

The assault on American liberty has been subtle, insidious, and poisonous. We are being directly threatened with the Great Awakening, Transhumanism, and a One World Order. But Sadly, most Americans still seem to be asleep at the wheel. Or perhaps comatose.

The Reawaken America Tour, founded by Clay Clark and joined by General Flynn and many other great freedom fighters, has served as a cattle prod to arouse the Sleeping Giant. It could be happening! Under the skin of every bully is a coward who will do all they can to impose fear, but will tuck tail and run if challenged by the brave patriots who are now joining forces.

At the heart of every war is a struggle between good and evil. A freedom war is a battle for God’s ways versus the diabolical oppression offered by those who serve the false gods of an earthly satanic kingdom. The sacred cow is money, and those who bow to it will ultimately be crushed by freedom lovers. Love never fails!

When you join the army of Liberty’s Keepers, you are saving the world from assured death and destruction. If America does awaken to God’s truth and decide to fight, the entire world will benefit. But it will require participation as a unified battalion. Let us snooze no longer and support the freedom mandates as one glorious compelling force!

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