Destroying Our Military Is Essential to the Domestic Coup

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As the Globalist-Democrat coup proceeds largely unabated, our domestic enemy recognizes the essential requirement of destroying our most valuable military members — those who take seriously their oath to defend our Constitution. As our fighting forces are reduced to a heap of subservient automatons who bow to the commands of corrupt military leaders, the risk of attack from foreign enemies becomes ever more real.

In this interview with Dr. Vliet, the atrocities committed by the highest military leaders are exposed. Those who are coming forward to expose egregious violations against the Uniformed Code of Military Justice are being severely persecuted through the weaponization of the psychiatric branch of medicine. Punishment for doing the right thing is now part of the new normal. Who would have imagined that civilian patriots would be needed to defend those who enlisted to defend our nation? The heaviest assault in our current battle comes from within the ranks of our own military. It’s time to end this onslaught! 

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