The Shanghai COVID Lockdown Epitomizes Xi Jinping’s Cruelty

We should never apologize for praying God’s rain of fire upon those who render life on earth a living hell for fellow human beings. What’s happening in the Chinese city of Shanghai is an atrocity beyond human comprehension. It’s what you’d expect to see in a bizarre, sci-fi movie featuring a cataclysmic storm of mass terrorism. This accurately describes the scene of 26 million people moaning and screaming for their lives as they are being locked up and starved to death in their concrete prisons — but this is happening in real life.

It’s a modern-day reality horror show. Ignore the fact that some people are being hauled off in space suits to Covid quarantine prisons, and pets are being clubbed to death with shovels or bagged up and tossed on the curb to suffocate or later be exterminated. Desperate families are being torn apart, wondering if they’ll ever see each other again. Welcome to the Communist world of Xi Jinping.

For the Chinese people, this is a deja vu from the Wuhan lockdown nightmare that began on January 23, 2020, just in time for the Chinese New Year. The World Health Organization praised the inhuman event, calling it “unprecedented in public health history.” But Wuhan was just one city with 13 million residents. Another 57 million people faced harsh quarantines in fifteen other Chinese cities. We saw the devastation as people were being dragged out of cars and beaten, isolated, and who knows what else they suffered. What happens in China stays in China — until just recently.

Keep in mind that the Jewish Holocaust claimed the lives of six million Jews, and possibly as many Jewish sympathizers who tried to protect them. This gives you a perspective on how ghoulish are the actions of Dictator Xi. Also, remember that Hitler’s cruelty was unleashed against the Jewish race, not the Germans themselves. But CCP Xi will gladly exterminate many millions of his very own people without a hint of remorse. Such is the way of Satan’s elves. If this is what Jinping does to his fellow countrymen, can you imagine what Xi would do to his enemies if given half the chance?

We must understand why this is happening. Through his Foreign Minister spokesperson Zhao Lilian, Xi boasts of his methods as being simply what is necessary to fulfill his zero-Covid strategy to control the Omicron BA.2 subvariant strain of coronavirus. But we already know beyond all doubt that lockdowns are a proven failed plan to control viral spread. In fact, it appears to amplify viral infections. We also know that the omicron variant is not highly virulent. It’s a common cold. Is he just doing this to save face? Is the leader of the Chinese Communist Party really that stupid? Or is he just doing his part to contribute to the Schwab-Gates population control schema? These are merely rhetorical questions whose answers would be appalling and disgusting if truthfully answered.

Let me confess that I feel equally enraged by the fact that innocent pets are being gathered into waste bags and left to die on the streets. Yes, I find this as abhorrent as Fauci’s ruthless experiments on monkeys and beagles and other tortured critters. Unnecessary animal cruelty always devastates me. Not just because sweet little animals are being subjected to misery. Life has taught me that people who will inflict pain and misery on animals will also do the same to human beings. Let the Shanghai example suffice as proof. One sign of a sociopath is torturing animals and deriving satisfaction from doing it. 

When a sociopath becomes a ruler, the world is in danger. Especially if that ruler is a rising tyrannical star in a global coliseum of gladiators who seek each other’s blood. I hope you’re feeling a little uncomfortable. You should. Especially when you consider that Communist Xi is sponsoring wars and terrorism abroad. And buying up much of our own precious real estate in America. And colluding with Russia.

Never forget that Xi Jinping spread the Wuhan virus to the world, and this virus was specially packaged to be unleashed for a global biological war. This totalitarian chief seeks nothing less than world dominion. And to top it all off, our very own United States government is playing right into their hands, even paying them homage.

Say, are you still buying products tagged “Made in China?”

I know. It’s hard not to purchase China-manufactured goods because so much of American imports stream from this Communist mecca. But that’s the problem. At the moment, some self-declared gurus are calling for a regime change in Russia, and economically hurting Putin, while China grows fat and builds its military strength. Putin is a madman, some say. Many would agree.

Has anyone called for a regime change in China? Hasn’t the world suffered enough since Mao Zedong announced the People’s Republic of China in 1949 at Tiananmen Square? Where has been the outcry against the CCPs ongoing reign of terror?

And now, under that same influence, the American empire is rapidly disintegrating before our eyes. Yes, the influence of Xi Jinping is storming the soils of our own countryside because we ourselves have a similar problem to solve. America desperately needs a regime change. The criminal Biden regime effect has spread like a cancer throughout our government, with moral decay permeating all three government branches. But the American patriots still live; and we are many. If we fail to enforce our own shutdown of a rat-infested sewer in D.C., then we can one day soon expect to live the horrors of Shanghai in our own cities.

Some of us just aren’t made to live a life of submission and oppression. Some of us actually worship the Christian God of the Bible, the one true God! Some of us feel called to take up the armor and go to battle against the rampant dark forces that plague mankind. Count me in. If we choose, we absolutely can stop this heist of our constitutional republic. Some things are worth fighting for, and freedom is definitely one of those things. I don’t ever plan to be Shanghaied!