Recent Voices of Patients Past Are the Harbingers of History

Making history can be the most painful experience in one’s life. Rarely do we have the privilege to reflect on our own historical contributions. History books are often written after bygone actors have long since departed the stage. But on rare occasions, we are granted a glimpse of the effects of new etchings in the documentary if we are clever enough to recognize it.

The last two years have been a whirlwind, and the giant dust devils are still blowing like a hurricane. Call it the eye of the storm, but I recently took a few quiet moments to contact a few past medical patients to ask how they are doing, and to assess their response to my trials of medical board censorship and tyranny that stemmed from doing my job. After all, my patients were the victims of forced abandonment. What I heard from them was truly inspiring, and it reassured me that history would certainly get the story right.

One patient actually had contacted me, asking for a copy of medical records. She was initially skeptical of my previous message exposing Oregon’s corrupt governor and medical board, but today she thanked me for daring to speak out against the darkness. She declared, “It was all true! I knew it!” She is still looking for a doctor to replace me, as pain medicine in Oregon has been politically incorrect for several years now. She expressed no anger or bitterness toward me for taking a stand, but rather much gratitude “for what I had with you as my doctor,” thanking me. It warmed my heart! 

The second patient I called mentioned that he has struggled greatly to find a doctor to manage his pain, PTSD, and psychiatric issues. However, he was aware of what threats doctors face in Oregon for prescribing any controlled substance, and he was grateful for my boldness in speaking rightly about the weaponization of medicine in a Covid world. He admitted that nothing will likely improve “until the system is changed.” He is a Vietnam veteran who now depends on the VA for his medical care. He admitted, “It does leave some to be desired.” Then he added, “Medicine has just gone haywire. I hope you keep fighting.” He explained in some detail how it was “pretty easy to see through all the politics.” And he hasn’t shied away from sharing his views.

One last patient I’ll mention is a gentleman who caught on early that nothing about the pandemic response made any sense. He recently moved out of the state of Oregon because he had his fill of the Marxist politics. He now resides in a place “where nobody cares if you wear a mask, and people live as if they’re free.” Imagine that, living like a free person in America!

He now has found assistance for his medical needs through telemedicine, something he considers “second rate,” but he thanked me for being “the kind of doctor that actually listened to and cared for patients.” He also asked me to keep fighting against medical tyranny. What sweet music to my ears!

The words of these patients reassured me that taking a stand for truth, even against all odds, will always have its rightful impact on those who hear the message, at least on those who are seeking truth. Even if not immediately accepted, when truth is at least spoken clearly, it is heard and evaluated over time.

Not all hearers will take to heart the truth, but eventually, even the dissenters must confront their own demons of deception. Many do suffer the consequences of their chosen ignorance. The peace and satisfaction of knowing the truth is clearly spelled out in the Bible… “the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32). The corollary is this: lies will make you a slave.

Fortunately, many of my patients have been liberated from the Covid tyranny because they refused the shot and stood against illegal mandates based on their doctor’s recommendation. Those who harkened to their own common sense have no regrets about taking the devilish “vaccine,” and they are as healthy now as they were before the unleashing of the CCP’s Wuhan plague.

Most didn’t wear masks. For those who did get sick and were properly treated, they all fully recovered. They now reap the benefit of natural immunity. Some of these patients came to the truth by listening and testing all things; others learned through the death (more accurately, murder) of their loved ones who entered the hospital mildly sick but succumbed to the “treatments” that were specifically designed to fail the patients. One way or another, they learned. Increasing numbers of people are learning and now siding with the best science. And they, in turn, are speaking up. History is already beginning to take shape with regard to the Covid Plandemic because we see a glorious ripple effect from the casting of truth pebbles.

In this assertion, we must take heart. Considering the fact that Puppet Biden’s dystopian “Ministry of Truth” is already headed for the circular file after only three weeks of advertisement, we can now assume that Americans really are seeing the light. The accumulating data against the “viral and vial” bioweapons are sufficient evidence by themselves to shed light on the truth. Add to this the recently exposed Pfizer studies, and people begin to understand. Covid shots are bad! Millions have been injured, and many thousands have died. Sadly, more decimation is yet to come. Now my patients are talking about it. They see the evil for themselves. They are spreading the word. They are making history known. And the world has millions more like them.

Assessing one’s own personal merit in the course of any career is risky business, as self-aggrandizing is easy to do, and criticism is easily deflected. We must all concede that perfection doesn’t belong to the human spirit, but this does not mean that we cease to strive for it. The pursuit of excellence demands, first and foremost, a heart of integrity and, secondly, an open mind to seek and do that which is good. The third necessary ingredient of excellence is the courage to pursue it. Rest assured, in doing so, you will be swimming against the current. But it’s happening! We now see a growing movement in the medical community and beyond that is committing to the pursuit of high-quality, virtuous medicine — the kind that balks at the disinformation campaign of socialized medicine. This spirit of harnessing good is likely to permeate other venues in society, and before you know it, we’ll have a new movement. A historical movement.

In the end, if we can look in the mirror and say, “I did my best!” ⏤ then what more is there to say? Actually, there is just one more thing to say. As long as we breathe, we must keep on truthing! The assassination of Covid propaganda and global despotism will be a story worth reading in the history books. The only thing better is writing it!