Take a Look at the Positive Side of Anarchy

Only the dimmest of minds cannot see how the world is rapidly sliding into a lawless free-for-all. The World Economic Forum must be commended, in a nefarious kind of way, for its great efforts to seize the opportunity of the pandemic to introduce the Great Reset. But as we observe the details of their villainous surge, we also see rising a new army of resistance in all sectors of the war. If ever there was a bright side to anarchy, the source of light is the resistance of the common people like you and me.

If you’re a wishful thinker, you might entertain the possibility of a Hegelian dialectic taking place, surmising that the present conflict (thesis v. antithesis) will lead to a greater good. You might opt to “just let it play out.” This repeatedly has proven to be a fallacy. All we see is more conflict. Recall that Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels adopted this method, which yielded only more chaos. The only solution leading to a good outcome is to oppose evil by directly fighting it with the right weapon. That weapon is truth, and it must derive from a proper standard.

As we focus on America, the evil is ever before us. The pandemic has done significant damage to us all, and the fire continues to burn. As mutated viruses cause new infections, those who received fake vaccines are much more prone to serious infection and hospitalization. A fourth jab is now on the horizon. Not good for us. But Big Pharma will fare well, despite the increasing harm from further spike protein dissemination. Recently, evidence has shown Tony Fauci has reaped his millions from participation in the genocide. Did Fauci and Francis Collins receive royalty payments from pharmaceutical companies? It’s a silly question. Of course, they did. The Pfizer data now reveals evidence of the sinister plan to vaccinate the world with a proven toxic shot, this evidence being clearly understood by Pfizer and its minions before the shot ever was rolled out to assault the public. Very bad. And what goal do they now entertain? Inject the poison into every arm in America, including the very young. Very profitable. Very deadly.

We struggle to keep pace with the litany of offenses that are now destroying America. Our energy supplies have been blockaded. Our military is weakened and effeminate. Trade and commerce have been interdicted. Major food processing plants are being burned. Fertilizer shortages are happening by design. Food prices have soared.

More recently, we are facing an infant formula crisis because the Biden cartel shut down the largest baby formula producer. Election fraud is still a major problem, and midterm primaries are already underway. We are being increasingly taxed at the same time that inflation surges. The Obama-fabricated destructive foreign policy continues via the demented puppet to destabilize the world and undermine American sovereignty.

Meanwhile, our children are being devoured by the public school system, by attacks against responsible parents properly raising and protecting their kids, through fear-mongering by new threats of masking and social distancing again, by pushing to jab young children (risking death and infertility), and via the Marxist indoctrination and pornography to which every child is subjected in the classroom. Any evidence of real education is dismally small, as schools are dummied down by common core. Let’s face it, brainwashing takes much time and reinforcement, leaving little time for reading, writing, and arithmetic. And you can forget about American history; it’s been permanently banned in nearly all states.

Now that you are sufficiently depressed and hopeless, let me ask, do you think we should just surrender and accept the inevitable?

Remember that according to Hegel’s dialectic method, conflict is good, however unfruitful. Conflict is never a solution that leads to peace and prosperity. The only way to achieve liberty and peace is to restore law and order. And the only way to restore law and order is to literally crush the forces of evil. When that begins to happen, we do actually see the positive side of tyranny and anarchy. Conflict is a bedfellow of oppression. Therefore we must end the conflict and, in doing so, end the tyranny. How are we doing right now? Here’s the positive side of this war.

Since the heart of the coup began with the planned pandemic, let’s start there. Right now, we have over 17,000 medical doctors signed on with the Global Covid Summit Declaration. This is a joint statement of physicians and medical scientists whose goal is to restore integrity to science and address the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the corrupted pharmaceuticals and organized socialist medical system.

As we speak, more doctors wake up and spurn the dark side, acknowledging the holocaust we now face. New independent clinics, surgery centers, and hospitals are beginning to crop up, offering principles of sound medical practice once again. Desiring a clear conscience, many medical personnel are now joining the fight to expose and topple the evil empire of Anthony Fauci and all of our rogue government institutions. This is a huge shift in the freedom fight. But it doesn’t stop there.

The truth cannot be hidden for long. Frauds are being exposed daily. Our Constitution still has the power to remove a derelict government faction. As long as voter fraud can be overcome, we still have hope for a peaceful restoration of our Declaration of Independence. Right now, Trump-endorsed Republicans are winning primaries across the country. This is happening because the American People are seeing through the deceit and lies, mobilizing, and taking direct action to promote the truth!

We have seen the fateful product of lawlessness that has arisen from the globalist insurgents who have infiltrated our government beyond our most dreaded imagination. We now are suffering at their hands, fully recognizing their blatant tactics to enslave us. And now we are finally taking action. The positive side of anarchy is a fervent resolve to end the suffering that lawlessness engenders.

This is our time to show the world what America is really made of, to sound the freedom bells once again. And so… defend your children. Expose the lies and propaganda. Let no home be without a gun! Be the resistance. Learn the power of a nation that prays to the one true and almighty God! The coup is still in progress, but the Giant has awakened.

All we need do now is finish the fight that the radical left started and never turn back. God bless America!